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What was YOUR first bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Owen, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Hi all, in the market for a new learner bike. Just wondering what sort of bikes you all started on or are still on....
    If you could please put what your first bike was, its engine size/type, year and price that would be awesome :D

    It will just give a wider scope on what bikes to look out for.

    Cheers everyone!


    BTW this site and all the people in it ROCK!!!
  2. Too long ago to make a difference; it was a 250 Yamaha two-stroke but I could have bought anything in 1974!
  3. 88 FZR250, $2500 38,000km
    Awesome little thing, had some isues with it because it was neglected by previous owner, but once sorted it was a great little bike. I only got rid of it as i traded it, otherwise would still have it.
  4. started on a GPZ750, then went to the RD, RZ, 1000RX etc etc
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  6. Ahhhh.. I still remember my first,

    Thats because i still have it!!
    My Baby a '91 CBR250RR with 16900km $4500

    -Michael :p
  7. Honda VT250F (NOT the spada) with the ventilated, but enclosed, front disc :) An '85 I think it was.
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  9. Black 1987 GPX250

    I called it "GIT" Nice to learn on.. when it wanted to run properly. :D
  10. My first was a gem. 18 months ago i bought a 2001 zzr250 with 10,000 klm's on the clock. Thing was like it came off the showroom floor still. I only paid $5000 for it.. And 3 months ago sold it for $5000 with 15,000 klm's and it still looked as good as the day it was built..
  11. The mighty 3800 VeloSolex...age14/15 topwhack 25kmh.
    Mine was a 1968 model...at age16...crashed after 2 mths of riding.
    Followed by the first one of these (bottom of page)
    the "golden-coloured" one did 60.000km, the mighty Honda ST50, the unrestricted model, 70kmh at a pinch, laying flat on top.
    (the one in the pic is Goodie's, the "better half's", red one, bought as a city get-around)

    Then this:

    and this:
    http://www.kreidler.nl/forum/germanmopeds.php (bottom 2 pics, first the Maico MD50 V, then the SS50 Honda) just before age 18 and a FULL license, yeeha :D
  12. 1986 GPX250r... bought it for $500 spent $600 on it icluding rego!! and than smashed it into a brand new WRX :(

    LoL when I was upgrading to a larger bike I was tossing up B/W CBX550 or a GT550.. in the end I went with the GT550 that was a mistake... Oddly I raced one today dow the monash... lol lost him at 140...
  13. shit mate , how old are you ?? :D

  14. I had the FII same as that (black and white with red stripe) but full fairing at the front, it was my first road legal bike while learning but my first bike was in '82 can't remember what it was but do remember it cost me $50 and it was a clapped out road bike with trail tyres on it, rode it for a week and sold it for $50......only sold it cos mum said so :roll: i guess that was fair i wasn't licenced anyhow (16)
  15. 1991 ZZR 250 (referred to by some as 'the bi-plane'.

    currently on a 2001 VTR 250 - in my opinion, kills the ZZR for what i'm after.
  16. Awhhh shit .. Awhhhh no .. Awhhh geez.
    You are a bastard for leaving such an opening .. M-U-S-T R-E-S-I-S-T :LOL:
  17. :LOL: when you did your first poop into the nappies, I had already drilled the baffles on that Solex, POS that it was.
    The motor drove a rubber-roller and was hinged on the frame, drop the thing and it drove the front-wheel via the tyre...until there was a puddle after some rain and the rubber got wet....then the pedals came handy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Most probably had that Kreidler GT levered off the tree at head-height after the prang, too :LOL:
  18. Shuddup, SON :LOL: :LOL:
    Note: 2 Honda's in that lot, pfffft!!!
    Christ, took me 30 mins to get the links together :)

    (shit, that's another opening, eh? :p :p )
  19. first one was a yammy xt250 1981 model then moved up or down if you like to a honda vt250 :LOL: probably the same one as mouth's
  20. glitch, you are a funny man .. :D :D