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What was your first bike? (After restrictions)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peleus, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Ok guys, I'm sure there would have been a ton of threads on what was your first ever bike, but consdering most of the laws the answer would be limited to a lot of 250's (unless of course your and old bugger that exsisted before all these laws :p)

    So my question is what was your first bike after you got off your restrictions?

    P.s. Yes I'm dreaming a year ahead in time and figuring out what bike I want.
  2. Well i am only picking up my fist bike tomorrow, with restrictions, but in 12 months i am buying a Ducati Monster, biggest, best cond one i can find for my budget, which will be around $7k. Hads my heart set on one for years...
  3. Im riding it now. got off the 250 on to my spankin new 12..
  4. 1996 Kawasaki ZX-6R was my first "big bike" after my old Kawasaki ZZR-250
  5. Have you ridden one and then come to that conclusion or that's the bike you like the look of?

    Only saying it because (I think I just did a Martin Taylor) I had my heart set on a Triumph Daytona in Roulette Green for ages, then I test rode it, 10 minutes into the ride, I turned around and took it back to the shop, I hated it.
  6. Mine is a Ducati Monster.
  7. 98 ZX6R in Black/Pearl, purpleish Mica Sexy as :)
  8. what restrictions? :LOL: :LOL:

  9. :grin:
    my first bike was a cbr 250rr now in the market for a gsxr-600 can't wait!
  10. There's restrictions ? , when did this happen :LOL: :LOL:

    I must be old :roll:
  11. Sigh...been off restrictions for over 7 years now, and am still putting about on a 250.

    We're about to sell it though, and plan on getting a CBR600.

    You've got me worried :( I always wanted one of them (mainly because I really like the colour, LOL. Plus they're a nice looking bike)
  12. 97 GSXR600

    [message too short]
  13. Err... that'd be my current ride, the 2002 ZX9R. :D
  14. I see that you are now riding an R1. Was it a massive step from your zzr-250 to the ZX6r? Because I am thinking of limiting myself to a bike that is less powerfull than a supersport (like an SV650) so that I wont be to 'scared' to learn on a powerfull bike. Then in say, 12months time I will get a Supersport, then I will look at a Superbike (R1, GSXR-1000 etc.) in another 12months time. How long did you keep your ZX6r before you got the R1?
  15. My first big(ish) bike was a 78 kz750 twin. Cost $150 and i bought it cos another bloke said he had an engine for it. Turns out he didn't. So i stripped it down and found a spun big end bearing. Did some research and found the the big end bearing from those 2 stroke suzuki 4x4 cars fits. Fitted bearings, got it running, found that the primary chain was rooted. Sold the bastard thing and bought another lemon (VF750 shaft drive).
  16. MachIII

    ...aka the Widowmaker :shock:
  17. GSX250F (Okay...an Across!!) to a twin grin machine, the VTR1000 Firestorm.
  18. Compared to the ZZR250, the ZX6R had monster power and throttle response. I remember the first time I got onto the ZX6R and rode it out of the showroom (bought it new) I somewhat scared myself when I went to overtake a car before turning a corner and almost overshot the corner 'cos I wasn't expecting it to take off that fast.

    That feeling didn't last long though. I adapted very quickly to the throttle response and its acceleration, and developed an appropriate level of throttle control for it, and from then on it was back to basics in terms of just riding a back at safe speeds and cornering safely. The massively improved suspension on the ZX6R in comparison to the ZZR, in my mind, actually made it a far safer bike to ride so long as I wasn't wrenching on the throttle crazily.

    The ZX6R got stolen 9 months later though. Then I picked up a VTR1000 which made slightly more power than the ZX6R, but had power everywhere. I loved the VTR's so much that in the end I owned 3. First got written off in a high-side accident. Second one I sold prior to moving overseas. Third one I bought when I came back, and owned for a year before selling it again and giving up biking for 6yrs before buying the R1.

    The R1 makes crazy power, but it's all down to rider's throttle hand. You can ride an R1 just as gently as you would a learner bike if you so choose. It's not like you have to twist the throttle hard. The R1 has all the power-everywhere tractability of the VTR, and the top-end rush of the ZX6R, but just a whole lot more of a rush.

    I think when it comes to larger bikes, the only thing that makes them any unsafer or any more dangerous is the rider. The difference with the 1 lite hyper-sports bikes though is that they can and will power slide the rear tyre mid corner and spit you off the high side if you don't have a mature approach to throttle control and/or know how to handle a power slide, and really that would be about the only real added danger to a litre bike. Suspension and handling wise, the bigger bikes are miles safer than most any 250cc tiddler.
  19. 1992 CBR600 F2 - red/white
  20. I'll second that!
    The only real concerns i've had with my 250cc to litre upgrade have been the raw weight of the bike! The power is very easy to get used to, and actually found myself thinking the other day 'gee i wish it was a bit more ballsy'... then i got it up in the rev range and scared myself silly again.

    First bike - Fisher Price Trike.
    Second bike - ....
    Third bike - 21 speed MTB
    Fourth bike - YAMMY FZR250 :D
    Fifth bike - Yammy FZR1000 :D :D :D