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What was your 2nd motorbike?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by razorammo, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Question:
    I'd love to know - what was your next bike when you got off your LAMS bike and why?

    I'm enjoying riding and learning on my Kawasaki VN250 every day since I got my Ls - in a year, I'm confident I'll be off my Ps. I really enjoy this 250 and may not sell her and just give it to one of my mates to learn on. I can't help but feel a little anxious with envy when I see and hear a HD next to me on the road, or a large cruiser like M109R!

    I'll be sticking with another cruiser - buying my second bike in over a year will be a lot of fun! :)
  2. My second bike was a LAMS bike, Suzuki GSX650F
  3. 2010 z1000 friggin scary
  4. I was leaning towards a Triumph or Boulevard cruiser until I saw the naked muscle bikes. The GSX1400 ticked all the boxes for me. It combines the lazy, laid back riding style of a cruiser with the handling of a naked bike. Plus I like the retro styling.
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  5. My first bike was a Kawasaki ER5 and then after selling it, I was without a bike for a few yrs but I had always promised myself that if I got another bike, it would probably be a Suzuki V-strom. I rode both the 1000cc and 650cc versions and loved the 650 much better as the 1000 felt too agricultural around town.
    So mine ended up being an 07 model with 25,000kms on the clock (now 43,000)
    This bike is such an easy to ride tourer that can go off the beaten track if you want with little protest, it's economical and easy to get over 400kms out of a 22 litre tank. That's the bike in my avatar picture. Even though they are a 650, they are too powerful to be inside the LAMS category but Suzuki are bringing out a new LAMS edition of their current 650 out in January so anyone who is after a great adventure tourer twin...this would be one of the best value bikes in OZ.


  6. I started with a 250 virago, so second bike was a bigger cruiser, an 1100 vstar.
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  7. Sv650 naked. This was when I was in qld so I started riding it only 1 year after getting my license. A forgiving bike with a playful amount of power for a relatively new rider.

    I miss that bike.
  8. A big Suzuki T250 Hustler two-stroke :LOL:
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  9. CZ250 Sport Twin.
  10. Im thinking to move over CB400 after my learner. currently VTR250
  11. 1954 Royal Enfield Meteor (700cc twin ). On L's. It was possible in 1963
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  12. Triumph Street Triple. Good transition from a Ninja 250, I think a thou would have been a bit too uncomfortable and more CC than I need. Enjoying the traffic and the highway as well as the twisties no issues. Only complaint is the wind resistance once I go over 120 or so, feels like a horse is trying to buck me off :X3:
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    1984 Ducati 600 Pantah

    1984 Ducati 600 Pantah.

    I had wanted a Ducati since I was 9 years old.
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  14. No such thing as LAMS in my day but in 1981 I had a 1980 Suzuki GSX250E which did two trips (one via Ocean Road) to Melbourne on while I had it.

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  15. No such things as LAMs when I got my 2nd either. I bought a Honda 350 four from a guy at work. He treated it with kid gloves and nearly cried when he saw how I rode it. Lasted a year and a half before it self destructed. My next bike was 36 years later in 2011.
  16. what? VTR250.
    why? girlie said she wanted to ride for herself so i dumped the plan for a k1300s and figured i better get her something to keep her happy while i shopped for something fun for me :)
  17. Well, it looks like my wife will want to keep my VN250 for herself... :)

    No idea what I'll be getting a year from now? But it's interesting to know what bikes riders get after breaking-in their first ride!
  18. MV Agusta 750S
  19. Gs500 as lams, upgraded to a ninja 1000 sight unseen. Just loved the look and all the reviews. Turns out it handled like a bloody dog and the seat was the worst I'd ever felt, but a /55 rear tyre and an air hawk on the seat transformed it into the dream bike I could ever have hoped for. Very happy.
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    I didn't have the cjoice of a LAMS bike when I got my licence, just had to have a 250.
    I traded it in on a brand new Yamaha FZ1, which was my second bike.