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What was wrong with my "17 year old neighbour" thr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. there was no swearing, there was no abuse, there was nothing lewd. It was all a very civilised, mature discussion about a real life subject ????

    I really don't understand .........

  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    i can't think of anything wrong with that thread.

    17 yr olds, peeping tommery, perv parties, all above board.
  3. and the problem is ?????
  4. I was just about to post Doonks my email for the photos :LOL:
  5. ... illegal, complaint-worthy, over the line, and that it's my niece :LOL:
  6. I agree with the admins on this one - a thread like that could get NetRider in serious, serious trouble.
  7. or at least doonks...!
  8. illegal - wrong

    complaint-worthy - perhaps, but I haven't seen Fred Nile around here lately

    over the line - really ? The subject matter or the dialogue ? Again, it's a subject that is real and was discussed openly and maturely

    you neice - you wish !!! But then again, perhaps you don't .....


    I get that it's your choice to say what goes and what stays, but I didn't think it deserved to go, that's all.
  9. do any of you REALLY think that the authorities would seek me out in order to raise charges against me ? What, all the kiddie p0rn and drug sites sites out there aren't enough for them to deal with ?

    Lets see if the CIA is REALLY watching :


    That ought to be bring the hounds to your servers mouth ;)
  10. Just wondering guys,

    Im here to read about motorcycles, and am happy to read the occasional joke, so why do i have to read all your shit about perving??????

    Your thread wasnt about bikes, nor was it suitable for all to read. Many of the posts would be considered by many to be offensive, and the activities discussed illegal.

    The mod's were correct in deleting the post.

  11. Does this answer you question Doonks? [-X

  12. No one says you actually have to read the thread?
  13. There's another issue...this is a motorcycling forum. There are plenty of other places to raise issues regarding the appropriateness of watching your neighbour. A call to the local Community Legal Service would have resolved the matter quite quickly, I think.
  14. Look, i wasn't claiming it was a bike thread !!! I simply asked WHY it was pulled, and as I said above, I understand and accept that it's the Mods and Admins right to do so at anytime for any reason.

    Emily - what is the name of this forum ? It's General Discussion, it's the correct forum for threads other than bike threads if there are to be any. Using your logic, Jokes & Humour should be deleted as well, cause there not about bikes either. Secondly, who was it that forced you to click open the thread in the first place ???? In answering to your question "so why do i have to read all your shit about perving?????? " - you don't HAVE to......
  15. sorry, didnt realise every thread on this forum was supposed to be about bikes. :roll:

    put down the dungarees and step away from the feminism poster with your hands in the air :p

    For God's sake ......

    I apologise to anyone who was insulted or offended by my thread about my neighbour.

    If you felt compelled to open a thread in GENERAL DISCUSSION (For everything that's not covered by the other forums) to find a non bike thread and took offence, then I should imagine you will NEVER post on this site in a non-bike way.

    Again, I apologise if I upset anyone or insulted their sensitivities .......
  17. DOWN !!!!
  18. Doonks,

    I wasnt saying i was reading it, however, i shouldnt have to even read the titles of such muck.

    I have no problem with non bike threads however i do have the problem that some of the rubbish that seems to start in threads like the one that was deleted keeps turning up in other threads that are bike related.
    This sort of thing has happened before, and i ended up not reading the forums for around 6 months because it became so frustrating and time consuming to have to sift through all the bullshit.

  19. I understand Emily. My advice to you would be to then not even go into General Discussion as there are very few pure Bike threads in there. That should solve your problem
  20. Create the sub catergory -off topic. - non bike related.
    Emily wont go there, doonks and the perverts will.
    All happy.