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What was the point in that???

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MeltingDOg, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Ok this is purely a vent and not really a biggy but just wanted to get it off my chest.

    I was heading down a busy suburban road (only 2 lanes) during peak hour the other day. There was lots of traffic, one car behind the other, travelling about 30 -40 kph. I'm in the center of the lane and keeping a safe distance between me and the car in front when all of a sudden a rider on a sports bike roars past me on my immediate right, in my lane without even crossing the center line, then jumps into the gap right in front of me and behind the next car causing me to jump on the brakes.

    What the hells with that? You've gained, what, 4 meters on where you were previously?...congrats. Totally worth it, considering that if I had to dodge a pothole we would both have been screwed, if the driver in front suddenly stopped at a pedestrian crossing or light we would both have been screwed and if you had misjudged your position by slight margin and got hit by the oncoming traffic..well we would both be screwed and possibly dead.

    Hope that 5 second gain was worth it, hero.

    End rant!
  2. he wanted you to check out his butt ;)

    but seriously, that guy's a tool
  3. Face it. He's a better rider than you and you know it.
  4. Well you're lucky he didn't misjudge, aren't you.

    What if what if what if. They don't really apply because the actions taken are likely to be different in the what if scenario.
  5. Ive had it happen to me ... no big deal!
    Ive done it myself .. but usually im pulling in right beside the other ridder while pushing him/her to move over with my outstretched leg! ;p
  6. you cant live your life if you think about the 'what if' scenarios all the time. you may as well just throw your beige cardigan on and go buy a camry.
  7. yeah i know. Twas a silly rant over nothing. I want to close this thread now...any one know how?
  8. Mention nodding or gloves. [-(
  9. Or mention the fact that the sports bike rider was lane splitting :p
  10. Where and what bike?
  11. Ill wave my naughty finger at him on the way home if i see him.
  12. You must submit to his superiority (but don't mention his compensation issues).
  13. Tradies just don't drive Hilux's hahahahahahaha
    A tool is a tool even on a bike.
    Or he might have sussed you out for a bit before blasting by.
    Or god forbid. Bikes just might really be dangerous.
  14. Did you see him immediately behind you, or do you think he might have come from some distance back and pulled in at a safe spot, i.e. in the gap between you and the car.
  15. Well, he was on a sports bike, so dah, of course???
  16. yeah mate you're obviously just shit. Everyone knows that if you're travelling slow enough that someone can overtake you in any capacity you are just shit.

    Did you nod? You should have nodded. He would have liked it. :bannanabutt: