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What was the bike trinity was on in the matrix reloaded?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_roboto, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. So what was it?

  2. Think it was a Ducati 1098.
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  4. and i think it was a Monster used in the first matrix
    Ducati are such product-placement whores

    at least aprilia will never sell out like that.
    :D apart from torque. and transformers. and i, robot. but at least we don't do britney spears video clips!
  5. Just watching that link there. Impressive scene.

    Does anybody else notice that as the truck swerves to smash her against the wall she grabs a big handful of front brake and as the truck passes her, the rear wheel is smoking?
  6. yes but there is also a rear brake pedal located down near your footpeg, which they don't show.......i assume she was that to get the rear wheel to lock :LOL: :wink:
  7. Ah yes, blessed with the brainpower that I am, I did figure that. But last I checked if you are holding the front brake full on, it's a bit difficult to to get your rear wheel to smoke like that. Maybe just put it down to the fact it's a movie and it was done for effect.
  8. :? Huh? Are you talking about the amount of smoke?
  9. it locks up easier with less weight on it....we had a post about this earlier ....lol :woot:
  10. No, I'm talking about the lock up.
  11. I thought the bike in iRobot was an MV Augusta F4?
    I saw one the other day up close and it looks HOT :shock: Also smaller than i thought
  12. Well I can tell you that the rear locks up just fine while hard on the front. I'm not sure where you were going with that.
  13. dont start lol.
  14. Watch the clip. Then you might see where I'm going. She grabs the front then the bike is shown with the front wheel spinning freely and a locked up rear. That's where I'm going with that...
  15. I think it'd be easier to lock the rear with the front brakes on full as all the weight shifts to the front
  16. i'm with wentworth on the iRobot call.

    I'm sure he's riding an MV.
  17. my bad.
    i meant bicentennial man
  18. I hate that scene in the Matrix. Too many close calls, it just makes me curl up my toes. Even if all the traffic was added by CG later. You know the chick that plays Trinity had about thirty minutes to practice on that bike before she got on with the guy riding pillion and filmed those scenes. :shock: There's a whole extras bit about it on one of the DVDs.