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What was that!??!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. coming home from tafe in hawthorn i was coming down the street that turns into my street, casually at my usual speed.

    one hand on the handle bar enjoying the sun when i see a balding 35 yo man on the left side of a front yard.. he looks like hes getting ready to throw something.. a big yellow ball.. a GRAPEFUIT?? he pitches it like a baseball only just missing in front of me.

    as i was continuing down the street, i thought he must of been throwing it to his son across the road or something, surely someone wouldn't be so stupid. then as i got to the end of the street i thought fcuk it i saw noone on the other side of the road. thats highly dangerous, i'm gonna have a word to him ( i was feeling macho with my leathers and tinted visor).

    so in the side mirror i see him looking back at me on the footpath. i turn around and flog it back up the st, back to the house and hes gone, continue rolling in first turn around and stroll back.. nope he ran away..

    now that i think about it if it had of hit my wheels or my head i would of gone arse over tit.

    what would you have done ?:(

    edit - bikes dont have rear views :D
  2. you know the place , just pop in a pay a visit . :?
  3. Knock on the door of the house, explain the situation, kick some fooken arse!!!!
  4. I'd call the cops. Without a doubt.
  5. Yeah. Cops should be involved.
  6. Yep, go to the nearest cop shop and report it. Anything else you might want do will just get you into strife.
  7. Dad was pretty Irrate, considering what you said about my mom, so you better keep one eye on the rear view from now on sonny!
  8. I'm sure it was all in good fun. I do that to cyclists all the time, but only when it's grapefruit season.

    I thought that's what grapefruits were for. Nobody EATS the buggers to they?
  9. glad to hear you made it through the shooting gallery in one piece. Me personally i like to think i wouldn't lose my head in situations like that and just get the police involved and let them sort it out...........
  10. i'm not sure if im that concerned to get the cops involved.

    maybe if i kipnap his dog, dress it up in a clown suit then sit it on my bike, take photos, and leave them at his doorstep.. ?

    or perhaps i should gather the neighbourhood kids for a grapefruit fight in front of his house ..

    although i will worry coming down that hill now..
  11. A crime like that is only punishable by death.

    I think he deserves a hanging
  12. Or you could just stick dog shit in the letterbox

  13. Put it in a bag and sets fire to it on his doorstep
  14. The crowd are baying for a poo-footing...

    Give them what they want!
  15. Heres what to do

    1. place news paper flat on his door step

    2. place dog turd on news paper

    3. rap paper around turd

    4 pour on some lighter fluid and set fire to news paper

    5 knock on front door

    6 pizz pants laughing as man opens door sees fire trys to stamp out fire in his slippers and gets dog turd all over his feet.
  16. old-school! love it :LOL:
  17. are we 12 years old around here ?
  18. no to all the above....

    what we all do is every netrider grab a great big yellow grapefruit and meet outside his house in leathers and iridium visors

    can you imagine the look on his face when he steps out of his house to see hundreds of netriders poised to pelt him with grapefruits?....ah priceless!! :)

    Now get the administrators of this forum on organising it!!
  19. yes.

    hey cosi... the "loser lerner" club could sort him out for ya... we could play hopscotch on his lawn!
  20. Clearly the only thing to do is make sure it escalates into a full-on neighbourhood feud. You're not done until, at least, half a dozen AVO's have been issued.

    The first step? A grapefruit through his lounge room window...