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What was/is your first bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nearlyempty, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Not sure if this has been done before (couldn't find it, but then I am a bit dim).

    Me - Honda MB50. Built from a box of bits in my mothers cellar. Mr previous had bored it out to 60cc (!!!) and never got around to rebuilding it again. It was only after I'd finished building it that I realised that a box of bits is far easier to carry into a cellar than a completed bike is to carry out, but like I said - I am a bit dim. It was great, you could walk faster going uphill, but downhill it was unstoppable, hitting an indicated 40mph before exploding (it did that twice).

    Kept that for a couple of years before upgrading to a 1975 Suzuki GT125, complete with ram air. Then things started getting a little more serious ...
  2. Kawasaki GPZ250 1985, the one with the belt drive. great little piece of kit for the time.
  3. the thing that appears under my nick over there on the left

  4. In the UK, a Yamaha DT50 and DT125 - all slow riding off road though. Here in Australia a CB250 (only recently).
  5. 1978 XL250 in 1986....for $200 including helmet! (*shudder*...well I didn't know better.....)..

  6. 1989 Dark Metallic Red Honda Spada. 1999 Complianced. I love it.
  7. you mean first bike ever? or first real sized bike? or first road bike?

    fixed up an old taz50 when i was 13, no clutch, no starter, one gear and bugger all brakes. that thing was fun for a wee kiddie....

    bought a CR250 when i was 15, way too ballsy for a first dirt squirter but i got used to it. that is, before it decided to spit pieces of gearbox out every few rides.....

    and my first road bike was the bandit 250. wiked little learners bike and wouldn't have had anything else under the sun in hindsight. really glad i did the right thing and learned on that and it was a BLAST to ride right up to the day i sold it....
  8. 1993 KLR250. I thought it was the ducks guts.
  9. CR125 in '79 used for chasing, and being chased by, emus @ Pucka barracks

    SR250 in '81.. got it only because the brother in law went awol and dumped it when almost brand new, I "inherited" it thru a lengthy process whereby I paid only the capital, not interest :D

    Somewhere around then had half shares in a 650 "Cossack", most of my memories of that was the pain involved in a failed kickstart attempt. :x

    Moved around a bit and let the license expire, now just gone thru the process of getting it back.

  10. for the dirt it was a yz80k 2 stroke yamaha, for the street i was a suzuki RG250 2 stroke
  11. 1st bike ?? a deltec rockhopper :LOL: :LOL: no suspension, centrifical clutch and a victa lawnmwr eng !!

    got it for my 7th b/day
    1st stack 7 years 1/2 day, took the corner down the backyard perfectly, saw the fence FROZE and hit the fence at full herbs ! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    1st road bike ...... a CB250 honda hawk in 1978
  12. 1969 Suzuki T250 Hustler - which was 15 years old when I bought it for $250.
  13. SNAP! :D

    Although mine's an '84 :p
  14. Suzuki DF 125
    Suzuki DF 125
  15. Wow, sounds spectacular!
    I did have a 400N Superdream a few years ago .... but that's a period that I'd rather like to forget. :D
  16. Mine was a 1982 Honda XL200R...
  17. '92 ZZR250 - got it after I got my L's in June last year :) wanted a trail bike, couldn't find a cheapish learner legal one with electric starter so bought the first road bike I saw - am happy with it though!
  18. Mine was an '85 GN250....ridden til it burst!

    :D :D :D