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What was he doing!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fewy, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. The other day going home from work there was a thumper who kept dragging me off at the lights he thought he was very cool.
    I tend to let people beat me off the line, i prefer to beat them in the corners.
    So this guy was on a thumper not sure what and we kept getting caught at the lights thru docklands and onto footscray rd heading north to get onto to citylink to head north. Anyway as i said i let this guy get ahead off the line and followed him onto the loop to get onto city link. Its a 145 degree loop onto the tollway (my fav part of my ride home). As we were entering the start of the corner this guy puts his foot down on the tarmac to take the corner. I thought WTF you aren't on the dirt and your not going to hang the backend out to get around. So after the initial giggle i gave it a squirt went round him and left him for dust shaking my head.
    My question is does anybody here ride a thumper road/trail bike on the road and do you put your foot down when taking sharp corners :?:

  2. Fewy, if you have a flame suit, NOW would be a good time to put it on. :grin:



  4. I dunno, I thought that was pretty subtle. :LOL:
  5. That would make it a quad Ktulu :grin:
    Still if you pulled out 38cc half retard, i would just raise you with my daughters pedal powered trike :p keeping my feet on the pedals and all :cool:
  6. Cool. Role playing for biker nerds, can i play?

    I have a Hyosung GT250 (red)
    reliability -1
    vulnerability +3
    coolness +5

    I smoked all of yoos on the outside with what could either be a drift, or an under-inflated rear.
  7. motard riders put their foot out all the time on bitumen.
  8. 3rd gear corner

    Sideways, surely not?

    And this one is actually tapped in 5th, maybe 160km/hr with my current gearing. I don't put pressure on my foot at this speed, but all the same I dont hang off, the inside peg folds up and my foot has to go somewhere...
  9. lol
    who cares. we're all mates on the road. if he likes to put his foot down, let him!!!
    I hate it when other riders shake there head at me. not that it happens alot but honestly who the F*ck are you to be approving and disapproving of what i do and dont do.
    Blah to you.!!! :)
  10. Fewy, you should get out to a track day and see if you can keep up with the tards through the bends. They're likely to absolutely smoke you.
  11. First of all it wasn't a motard or had any sort of motard set up. He was dragging off the lights like he was king S&it. He took off from the lights like a rat up a drain pipe and then braked, put his foot down with bike still at 80 degrees and still slowing. It looked funny and the way he was dragging off the line i thought he had the ability take the corner at speed i thought his actions deserved a headshake.
  12. Broadford maybe? :grin:
  13. That made me laugh for all the wrong reasons lol :LOL:
  14. Its because they saw you ride a Hyo ;) :LOL: :p
  15. im all for the foot down :grin:
  16. I love putting my foot down at certain times (especially u-turns), and in Healesville or where-ever in front of a bunch of bikes I've not seen it but I'm sure there's one or two of them wetting their knickers with, "Oh! Bad technique!" "Oh Wrong!" If only they knew that, underneath my leathers, I'm not wearing any safety gear!

    Call Today Tonight! :)
  17. you might take interest to know rossi, stoner and hayden do it too ;)
  18. hahaha this may be true ! i never worked out why they shook their head when i was a law abiding citizen!
  19. Wait, so it was a trail bike with knobbies and you're pleased as punch about rounding him up in the corners? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Well I think yer all c*nts the lot of ya.