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What was David Beckham riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BRK, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Did anyone catch the show on Wednesday night about Beckham travelling in Brazil?
    He was riding a great looking bike, does anyone know what type it was??


  2. I have heard about that, I think it's a custom Bonneville.
  3. I saw it,even watched to the end.I love to see anything bike related.Couple of small points.I learnt early on,don't wear the gear because it is hot,spend valuable holiday time getting gravel rash dressed at hospital.One went down and luckily minimum damage.And if I was setting up to do a long adventure ride on muddy roads the last thing I would do is remove the front guard,I would do that if I was a nob head trying to make the bike look cool.There was a lot of looking cool in this show.Bekham came accoss as less of a nob than I expected.
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  4. Triumph scrambler.
  5. It was a lightly modified Triumph Bonneville T100 - the Scrambler isn't available in Brazil.
    Apparently the mud guards came off to prevent them getting glagged up with the mud, but based on their atttire choices I suspect the aesthetic came into it also.
  6. I thought he rode a spice girl
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  7. ..and if the rumours are true, the baby sitter as well. Occasionally.
  8. [​IMG]

    Riding around in a T shirt over any real distance ultimately sucks. I tried it once & only lasted about one hour on open B roads before I could not stand it any longer.

    With the bikes used (above) Triumph Bonneville with some sight changes, they could have gone with just about any UJM bike on the market really. Although, like the Long Way Round, I reckon large bikes (over 600cc) are more trouble than they're worth for these sorts of adventure riding. It's not just picking it up when it might fall over, but fixing flats, pulling it out of bogs, putting into a rowboat or train carriage - all these things is just an arse with a bike weighing over 150kgs (without load). And it's not that having the large displacement helps you with the big miles or difficult roads.
  9. Pretty sure it was Posh Spice.
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