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What Vic gets up to in his 'spare' time

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. yeah, yeah, we know, jobs, kids, recuperation, admining Netrider, but he DOES find time to post opinions in all sorts of other places :LOL:.


    * Vic Fkiaras
    * May 04, 2009
    * 04:38 PM

    I have the Asus eee pc 901 and under XP it runs like a crane powered by a smart car engine. I formatted the thing and installed Ubuntu Notebook Remix on it and it only used 2GB of the boot partition as opposed to XP which took up almost all of the 4GB. I was sick of the "your drive is full messages" UNR is absolutely awesome, the Ubuntu team have done a brilliant job on the OS. Another cheer from me as we are one step closer to a windows free household.
    Ubuntu also do a Edubuntu that is targeted at kids. Once the kids new pc's arrive they will be wiped of that windows rubbish and edubuntu installed.

    ..... is from a SMH blog page

    tell us what you REALLY think, big guy :LOL:.
  2. geek alert ;)
  3. hornet you are really asking for a boot up ur ass
  4. well let's face it, if you have distinctive name, and you post it up on the inter-web, someone's going to find it.....

    Vic's OK, he won't mind :LOL:.
  5. but a 901 with UNR is awesome??
  6. Actually I can well see that; I'm working on rejigging a mate's Kogan thingy with XP, but it came with a Linux distro, and it was very speedy indeed....Does Mac make a mini-netbook device? That might be the easiest thing for folks to do, rather than farnackling around like I'm doing.
  7. ipod touch / iPhone
  8. you mean g(r)eek alert :p :LOL: