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What Valentino Rossi does best: 2 pics from GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by smee, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Taken at the MotoGP in the drizzle.
    turn 8

    Valentino approaching then passing Pederosa.


  2. dudes nice pics
    what camera you use as im out for a new camera as well
    :grin: :grin:
  3. Was a canon 300D with a Tokina ATX pro 400 f5.6 lens
    Was dull and rainy hence the high grain.
  4. It looked like Hayden pretty much gave him that position. Bet he didn't expect Rossi to go nuts and take third as well!
  5. Very Nice,
    Right Place @ Right Time.
  6. Top shots there, smee, up there with the best :grin:
  7. very nice pics. very clear, considering what speed they are riding at
  8. Turn 8 is a 200kmh+ corner.
    I had sore hips from swivelling to pan after 3 races.
  9. Whres the shots of vermulen flying past everyone, just as the track started to get wet and on slicks, man he made them all look like they where going backwards
    Love to see him on a decent bike
  10. Could not get a decent shot of Vermuellen unfortunately.
    Rain made it hard to take pics as the camera aint waterproof.
  11. Is this sorta what yah want ?

  12. That's about as good a shot as I got of Vermuelen, not bagging your shot either.
  13. Smee....could you get those shots enlarged to say something around A4 size, without losing quality of pics?

    And if so, how much would you charge per shot?

    Was in Cowes today looking at the photos they had from GP.. these two shots are far better than what they had for sale. That first photo is just brilliant. Stunning.

  14. VTRBob...that's not Vermuelen...it's Hopkins. :)
  15. Thanks Rosie
    They should blow up to A4 without a problem, anything above that though they may be grainy as it was at 800 iso.
    As for price I should be down at southbank coffee this friday. :)
  16. ???
  17. LOL
    I meant we could discuss it at the netrider coffee we have at southbank every friday.
    If you can't make it I'll get 2 printed and pm you.
  18. Hey thanks Smee. Can't make it to Southbank Friday night....unfortunately, but I'm happy if you get them printed and I'll just deposit amount into your bank acct. Any idea on how much it'll cost per photo though?
  19. oop's your so right , this ones more like it :oops: :LOL:

  20. That's better! ;)

    I gotta get me a good camera! And a steady hand. And some fast reflexes. ;)