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What use are your organs when you die?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Yes...

  2. No...

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  4. Just let me see the results..

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  1. Just curious how many of you are donors.

    I signed up before i got my license, i actually think it should be compulsory like some other countries, After all what are we going to do with our organs when we die, they could even go to another biker in need after an accident.

    Please comment if you have reasons for not donating, or why you chose to donate so others might be convinced to do the same.

  2. :arrow: No


    No point when your significant other half can override your decision.
  3. Yes I am a donor. Am on the National Register and have one of their cards as you can't put it on your licence in the ACT. And none of my family would override it, as it was mum who got us all to sign up on the National Register.
  4. I chose "no" because I'm not dead yet.

    Once I'm dead I'll be an organ donor... depending on how I die I suppose.

    The way that the question is worded implies I'm expecting John Cleese to turn up unannounced and disembowel me in front of my wife.
  5. The point is in causing a discussion to occur between couples so that they both know and are aware of the other's wishes. IMO it's wrong that someone else is forced into that decision once you've already made it - it's even worse if the person being asked to make the decision doesn't know or isn't sure. In the stressful and brief time they have to make the decision, most opt for the conservative approach (whether it's because of uncertainty, denial, etc). So make it clear and take some of the stress out of the situation.

    If you think no then that's fine and it's your choice, just like it is to say yes. Just make sure you make the choice clear everywhere you can and to everyone that might have to make the decision for you. No point torturing them :?
  6. Oh yeah, yes for me. They're no good to me when I'm dead. Some of them have questionable value when I'm alive, depending who you question ;)
  7. Live organ transplants!

    were here for your liver.

    love the sketch.

    and im on the donor register.
  8. Good topic
    I donate blood every 3 months.

    At my age no one would want my corneas, I had hepatitis as a kid so my liver's out,
    A 43 (or older)year old heart would not be used I don't think
    Same with my kidneys etc.
    Organ donation is for the young.
    (is there an age limit on organs?)
  9. For what it's worth, I was told by an ICU nurse that certain drugs are prescribed or not depending on a patient's status as an organ donor. Ie, drugs that could aid in keeping you alive but would damage organs are not given to organ donors.
  10. well i said no not because im not wanting to be an organ donor. But after heart attack and heart surgery im no longer able to be a donor because of the asprin and other drugs i surpose, not even blood.
  11. At your age, thats too bad bud :cry:

    One of my bosses (3yrs older than you) had a heart attack last Thurs
    whilst riding & died yesterday after life support was turned off from
    internal injuries sustained in the accident.
  12. yeah they can do what they want with my bits.and its nice to know someone else could use them.however:
    *my liver is buggered from alcohol abuse
    *my lungs are stuffed from smoking
    *my eyes are damaged from looking at too many boobies
    *and everything else is probably useless from too much bacon.
    i spose i could donate a toe nail or sumfin...
  13. I'm not an organ doner yet. I dunno if i wanna be i haven't decided yet.

    I would happily give blood, but i'm not allowed, cause i have tats....
  14. A nice mixed grill perhaps :grin: .

    Seriously though, yes I am (for all the use they might be) and so is my wife, so I doubt if she'll be overriding anything.
  15. When i first got my drivers license it was a flat out know. Couldn't bare the thought of my organs been taken out of me, even though I would be dead. But after a few years did a 180 degree turn on the topic and now most definitely a donor. Don't know what changed my mind, maybe older age and common sense....

    Besides, it would be cool to have my organs in someone who needs it, kinda allowing me to live on a bit more..
  16. Since getting married a few years ago I am sure I could find an unused organ to give someone else in need. Send your applications and make sure there is a photo. :p
  17. heard a similar sort of thing. Not sure whether it's true or not :?
  18. :rofl:


    That's hilarious.

    Lorena Bobbit anyone?

  19. hey can someone tell me why people with tats cant donate blood.heard of it before but never found out why....