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What tyres?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by LiLEd, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. ok guys i need new tyres for my cbr 250. whats a good sporty tyre that i can put on it. I am going to track day so i want something good but also need them to last a while as i will ride around heaps on weekends etc....

    Been told buy a tyre place that Michelin Pilot Actives are good for what i want. But also told the pilot powers are good for sporty/track day riding.
  2. Actives are a good tyre but designed for heavy bikes, so use less pressure
    than normal on the racetrack. they will last heaps.

    You can't get pilot powers in the sizes to fit CBR250 last time I looked.

    Bridgestone do a very good all-round-and-sport tyre for CBR250,
    can't remember which kind it is, but it's a Battlax BT-something.
  3. Been told that same about the powers however you can fit the 150 rear on the cbr. Didnt know that about the actives. Any other thoughts guys?
  4. Beware of putting a wider tyre on the back of a bike, it will make it
    really hard to hold the bike into a corner and it will want to stand up
    and run wide off the corner whenever you hit a bump.
  5. BT090's i think there called. Read a bit about them. Apperently a good all round tyre. Harder in the center softer on the edges. Been told Dunlop GPR or GPX70's are pretty good too but there a sports tyre.
  6. Pilot Powers should be the better tyre IF you can get them in the right size. Otherwise Pirelli Sport Demons are a great alternative. I had them on my Across which was a big improvement over my old Battleaxe tyres.

    I've now got Pirelli Sport Demons on my GT250R and they've been great, done 7,000km including 5 track days and they've still plenty of tread left.
  7. Interesting thread - can I ask for people's opinions on Dunlop Arrowmax tyres? They came with the bike and I'd like to know how they rate amongst other riders.
  8. For the cbr. Maybe run a GPR70 front and a GPR100 rear. The 100 is harder in the centre so will last a little longer.
  9. Dunlop arrowmax aren't too bad. Most big-name brand tyres are pretty good, just be sure that the tyres are the correct size*.

    The main problem with CBR250 tyres is that the tyres on the bike are up to 10 years old. Sometimes more. Tyres more than 2 years old start to slowly go hard and lose grip. The hardness means they last a lot more miles, so the tyres stay on longer again.

    *I have recently fitted a 180 Power onto my bike (it is designed for an oddball 170 size). The rim is wide enough to take the 180 tyre without putting it out of shape, but I have had to get some suspension adjuster parts from the USA specially made to fix the steering. If you can, stick with original size.
  10. Hey Hotcam, you wouldn't have a '95 FZR1000 by any chance would you?
    Seem to remember your name from the EXUP brotherhood.

    In regards to the OP, i ran a Battlax and an Arrowmax on my old little FZR250. It took a 130 profile tyre stock, but managed to shoe horn on a 140 Battlax and it was alright. Exactly as someone previously said it will make the bike handle in a different way, definitely not as keen to tip into corners. I compensated by upping my rear preload a few notches and then it was brilliant! Not sure why but my old FZR250 felt more stable mid corner with the 140 on it than with the 130. As for braking mid-corner... i wouldn't know, never touched the brakes on the 250. :wink:

    PS. Yeah, just checked over on the brotherhood and i knew i recognised your name! I've just ordered a set of bones from DR Jim aswell. :grin: Can't wait to get my FZR back from her cosmetic surgery and get them fitted.
  11. I bet, I just got the back wheel in tonight after fitting the dogbones and polishing the rim. Looks great, and jacks up the back end a treat. Hope it steers good...

    with a wider tyre you will get a sense of stability because even if you
    hang off a long way, the bike will refuse to fall inwards. Makes it hard
    to turn the bike in tight and quickly, but will inspire a newer rider to
    hang off further with confidence. Also the fact that you put new tyres
    on to replace old crappy ones will have helped.
  12. I've got pilot powers on my RVF & the things just oozes confidence with its oodles of grip. I don't ride that hard & do plan to do a track day.

    Had arrowmaxes before & for some reason, I couldn't really ride it in the wet. Always felt as though my rear wheel was sittting in an imaginery box doing figure8s. Had zero confidence in the wet. :?:
  13. Yeah as it has already been said I think the Pilot Powers are just fantastic tyres, one of, if not the best on the market, however for a 250 you can ride to the edge and beyond on a pair of Bridgestone Battlax's BT45. These are dual compound tyres so give you more durable rubber on the middle section. But they also stick really well. Give em a go, you'll love them.
  14. i dont recommend the sports demons because they more of a sport-touring tyre like the arrowmax. the pilot powers are a very good tyre but with the 150 rear, it will affect your performance.
    if you ride hard and want good grip, you cant go pass the gpr70s. on a cbr, they will last up to 7000-8000kms before fully squaring the rear.
    dont bother with the gpr100 rear unless you planning to commute alot because you will find that it wont be so great on the track under hard breaking and cornering.
    best option if gpr70s front and rears.
  15. Countersteering is your friend! Make the front tyre do all the hard work. I guarantee you can lay any bike flat on the ground in nanoseconds using countersteer.
    I put a wider tyre on my Z, and due to it's nice round profile, it SPED UP turn in. So it's not just putting on a wider tyre wil slow down turn in.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. ok guys what now i think i want to get either The BT45's or the Pilot powers.

    What do you guys suggest?
  17. ok guys what now i think i want to get either The BT45's or the Pilot powers.

    What do you guys suggest?
  18. What are the best softest compound tyres available that will not only be stickier during the dry season, but be better in the wet than the Dunlop Arrowmax?
  19. Ended up getting Bridgestone BT92's and they feel heaps good so im quiet happy. They are a raidial tyre so they hold there shape better.

    Thanks guys.
  20. Radials, eh?

    That must be new technology. I'll just have to make do with the cross-plies on my ZZR for now....