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What tyres to choose?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dowen, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I currently own a Triumph Daytona 675 but am currently almost running on slicks that need urgent replacement. I was wanting to know if anyone had any suggestions as to what tyres would be good for around 70% general commuting including freeway riding and 30% actual proper twist the throtle and hang on sort of rides.

    I have heard that pilot powers are a go'er but was wanting some more feedback from people!


  2. Pirelli Diablo's (not Corsa's, not Strada's, just plain Pirelli Diablo's)

    These have just recently been replaced by the Pirelli Diablo Rosso, but I'm unsure if the Rosso's are in Australia yet. If they are, get those (the Rosso's).

    I personally hated the Michelin Pilot Power's on my 675.
  3. Why's that?
  4. Well, it's not just on the 675, but also on the R1. I thought if the bike is different, the tyres might behave differently, but not so for me.

    In a nutshell, the problem I have with the Michelin Pilot Powers is a brief "falling off a cliff" feeling progressing past half to two-thirds lean, following by vague levels of feedback after that sphincter puckering moment.

    They always gripped, but every time I turned into a corner when pushing along at a decent pace, it was like a leap of faith in trusting that the tyres would stick because sure as hell, at half lean or so, I'd swear that they'd just let go.

    Likely just the profile coupled with how I weight the bike up. Thousands love 'em. I detest them with a passion bordering on fervor.
  5. Thanks mate, will have to get back to you if ever I get to ride the pants off a 675. Suppose riding style and suspension setup preferences will make it impossible to find a tyre for everybody even given the same bike.
  6. cheers mate i just had a look at the diablo rosso's ill have to find out how much they are and if they are in aus yet! do you happen to know if they are alot more expensive than the pilot's?
  7. While I don't know the exact prices, Pirelli's are typically a bit more expensive than the Michelins, although the straight-up Pirelli Diablo's should be at the cheaper end of the Pirelli range.
  8. ok then i might suss it out this weekend and get some prices on them. have you heard anything on the metzeller m3's?
  9. I have had 4 sets of m3s and wont use anything else,i have tried a lot of tyres and they are the best yet :wink:
  10. Metzeler M3's rock. A great tyre choice for the 675. They are on the softer side in terms of compound though, being a road/track day tyre, and may square off a bit with regular commuting. Keep the (cold) pressures high though (38f/42r) and they should easily last you 8000-10000kms, if not more. It all depends how heavy handed you are with the throttle. Mine lasted me 4000kms, but I lay visible rubber trails when I go riding in the hills.
  11. Or how heavy you are :p :p :p
  12. FLUX, its great reading your input mate, coz Im just about to get my first change of tyres on the R6 and have had a similar feeling with Qualifiers that come factory with the R6's.

    I was thinking of the Road IIs but inclined to give the Metzeler M3's a run due to a mate telling me how good they are!
  13. I'm running the Pirelli "Corsa" on the Fireblade, and I do about 60% commute - 40% Nutcase...
    I don't yet get it over as much as some guys, but still like to push the lean angles etc, and they have stood up to it, even leaving the odd blacky out of corners..

    For an all-round tyre they have done a great job, so far, but having said that, I'll be looking for something a little bit softer next time around, so I can explore the more extreme lean angles.
  14. Eureka! So I'm not the only one that thinks PP's feel that way. That's good to know!

    I'm going to get some Pilot Road 2's because my riding these days is around 85% commute 15% twisties. I try and get it more the other way, but with the weather we've had lately....

    Pilot Roads should be more than adequate for my skill level anyway. But what you said about PP's really hit home. They gave me that feeling on the ZX9 as well.

    Leaning.... leaning.... leaning... OH SHIT!
  15. I just got Dunlop Roadsmart on my bike. They are just out in Australia but have been elsewhere for a while.

    They're dual compound but meant to be grippier and better wearing than Pilot roads.

    Since I just got them I can't say too much, though they did stick pretty well in the rain today. :)
  16. tyres

    I have a vfr honda and wacked on some continental road atacks.a bit cheaper than the rest i think but perform really well.my wife, (hillbilly) tore em up pretty good down at the island back in december. fairly soft but not too soft. value for money.
  17. cheers for comments guys, im thinking i might give the m3's a go aye, they look really good and have read a few reviews on them and they seem to rave on them not to mention the first hand experience some of you have had. Ill try suss them out this weekend for prices and chuck em on before i do any more fish-tales in the heavy rain we had today, man it was chronic aye!! anyone know the rough going price for the m3's
  18. $440-$500, for a pair of 675 sizing, fitted, is typical, although $440 is more of a mate's rates sort of price.

    Any more than that, and you're not getting a good deal.

    Any less than $440 fitted, and you need to let people know who the fitter is, 'cos that's a great price.
  19. cheers flux, appreciate the input and comments. only fairly new to the bike scene only had my bike for around 5 months so dont know heaps about all the parts and accessories. thinking about chucking a jardine exhaust on it aswell was going to go the two brothers but mate didnt like his! i think im gunna have to ship it in from u.s to get a half decent deal springwood suzuki wanted 1200 just for a slip on..... get it for 500 if i do it ill let you know when i put it on.
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