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What tyre PSI?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by sparz, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I bought a gpx250r and i cant find info of how much PSI my tyres need.

    ive got:

    rear tyre: Dunlop Arrowmax GT501 130/90 - 16
    front tyre: Dunlop Arrowmax GT301F 100/80 - 16

    Any idea on tyre pressure please?

    im guessing around 32 for rear, 30 for front? :S :S (lol i got no clue)

    dunlop site doesnt quite help =\

  2. The max psi should be on the sidewall of the tyre.
  3. According to the manual, it is 28psi front and 32psi back , measured when cold.
  4. ah, thanks...ummm

    on the rear tyre it says something about max weight 307kg, at 280kpa - 41psi cold - so im guessing thats when the tyres havent been ridden. So i guess ill put it at around 38-39 just in case?

    i cant find anything on the front one, even after turning the tyre a few times *looks closer*
  5. Base it on what the manual states as the lower limit and experiment a few psi above that on each tyre separately.
  6. well the manual says

    100/80 16 dunlop k630f - 200kPa 28psi

    130/80 16 dunlop k630 - 225kPa 32psi

    although those are different tyres than the ones i have

    I guess ill check what the pressure is, then put the front at around 28-30, and put the rear at around 36-38?
  7. Use the Search Function
    IT's all there!
  8. No you use the pressure stated in the manual.
  9. could you give me an idea of search keywords?

    iv tried 'tyre pressure', 'psi', 'arrowmax'

    doesnt seem like theres any threads that talk about it

    all that im finding is posts about how shit dunlop arrowmax are
  10. HELLO!!!!!!!!! Doesn't matter what tyres you have. I spoke to Pirelli about this when I changed from Bridgies and they said you go by Bike manufacturers specs.
  11. soz, didnt see ur post above...

    alritey thanks
  12. No worries mate.
  13. The manufacturer's specs are on a sticker under the seat.