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What type of globe is used by the headlight in my 05 GPX250R?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pengo, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. G'day

    I checked my owners manual and couldn't find what type of globe I need to buy for my headlight.

    Currently my low beam doesn't work but the high beam does. After watching a youtube video it looks like it uses just the one globe for the headlight?

    Anyway I dropped by Supercheap and their little book only lists info for cars ;(, what globe do I need to get for the bike? I tried searching here but can't seem to find anything specifically for my bike.

    I guess I could always take the globe out but that would require undoing the fairing which I only want to do once I got the globe to replace heh.

    Cheers if anyone can help.
  2. standard H4
  3. cheers.
  4. remove it go to shop
    ask at the counter showing them dead globe
    then they will direct you to globes
    it's most likely an h4 but piece of mind is always a bonus.
  5. Step 1: Walk into Supercheap or eqiuvalent and ask for a single H4 globe.
    Step 2: Have them kindly escort you to a shelf of prepackaged pairs of globes.
    Step 3: Point at the bike parked outside asking the kind employee whether they can see 2 headlights or not.
    Step 4: Proceed to open one of the packets, only taking a single light out of it before proceeding to the checkout
    Step 5: ???
    Step 6: Profit

    The alternative being to simply purchase a pair thinking you could use the other as a spare in case it blows again only to find when it does blow a year later you can't seem to remember where you put this spare and have to go shopping yet again.

    Warning: "Profit" may also include being kicked out of the store and told never to return again.
  6. Yep its a single globe, saw a youtube video on how to replace it and its one globe.

    Anyway picked up a h4 from supercheap earlier, just wanted to know without having to take the fairings off. Have been busy packing boxes and cleaning the house coz of moving, so wasn't up for working on the bike just yet.

    Will take the fairings off later and swap out the globes, tho won't take the new globe out of the packaging until I know its the right one for sure. So will check the one I take out of the bike.

    Thanks for the help.
  7. :LOL: My local supercheap used to have a bargain bin of "shop damaged" items that was usually full of twin packs of H4 globes with one missing, at less than half the price of a twin pack.

    Used to be very handy, until they beefed up their security. :(

    Edit: Oh and Pengo when you do get around to putting the globe in be sure not to touch the glass with your fingers, or if you do be sure to clean it thoroughly with metho. With halogen bulbs the oil from your fingers creates hotspots on the glass which can dramatically shorten its lifespan.