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What type of boot to buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by johnno, May 7, 2006.

  1. What type/brand of boot is best for general purpose riding?
    Your advice will be greatly appreciated!

  2. I just ordered some boots from rmgear, they cost $85 and that seems like a very good price but I will let you know what they are like when they turn up!
  3. There's quite a few general purpose riding boots, best to go try some on and buy the one that feels comfortable and suits your budget.

    You'll get 20 different people saying they like such and such boot best here.
  4. For general riding, I'm happy with boots made by Medal in Fitzroy, Melbourne.
  5. Not agv cascade, four months old and stiching falling apart. Redwing honda says yeah we know about that then ff88k me around four 9 days, offer inferior replacement. To be continued :twisted:
  6. I wear Rossi Vision boots.

    Cheap ($100 or so), waterproof except in the absolute worst conditions, very very comfortable, easy to walk in and they look good enough to wear under jeans all day long. I've worn mine every day for the last 18 months or so. Plus they don't get stinky somehow.

    The downside is there's not any proper ankle support in a good sized stack. But I guess there's a tradeoff there - because boots with good solid ankle support can be difficult to walk in and you wouldn't want to wear them around all day.

    So I think they're a great everyday boot but when I get some leathers together and start looking at doing some track days I reckon I'll get some extra boots for faster and more dangerous rides.
  7. Johnno,

    As a noob to motorcycling, I bought my first pair of boots this weekend. I agree with H0nd@ and it's a matter of trying on a few pairs and go with what's comfortable and affordable. Also think about whether you want water resitant or water proof. I went with a pair of Gaerne Tempest Boots - plain black leather, water resistant, good lining, great fit.
  8. As a boot that gives a fair bit of support, but is comfortable to wear all day, on and off the bike walking around etc, I finally settled on the Rossi brand.
    They seem to suit a wider foot, more so than others I have tried.
    Mine are a rossi "touring" boot. (does'nt have the name on them sorry.)

    BUT...do not buy any boot until you have tried them on and walked around for a little bit...One boot - does not fit all. :)
  9. John hit it.

    You will not be on the bike all day but you might be out on the bike FOR a day. So priority one is being able to walk and ride in them ALL day. I can live in mine for weeks, low cost and good for me Falco
  10. I got rossi boots payed $200 might be the tourer not sure .
    Anyways be sure to try them on ,i would wear them every day if i could.
  11. Have a pair of SIDI - "Vertigo Corsa's" - not on the cheap side but I swear by them - an all I ever do is general purpose riding, plus they look trick.

    I hear OXTAR also makes a very decent boot.

    Check out www.mcas.com.au go to boots - this will give u a good idea of the different options out there.

    good luck.
  12. I have a pair of the Oxtar Evo Replica Race boot and I love them... wear them all day on most days and I find them very comfortable to wear and they have fantastic ankle support and are great for track days or general riding!!

    Go with what the guys have said and try on many pairs and walk around in them as much as possible... I bought my first pair (I think they were Forma-Revenge) after only making sure the size was right and I hated them & they had absolutely no ankle support!!

    I also found that the "assistants/customer service people" in most of the bike shops I was going into were not very helpful in explaining the difference in boots or telling me much about them and I got most of my info of the forums :grin: