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What type of bike is this?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by moog, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. I was recently in San Fransico and this bike went past and caught my attention with it's awesome deep grumble.

    It was all black, 4-stroke, loud and had an exhuast pipe on either side of the bike pointing up on an angle towards the sky.

    It wasn't cruiser style, but also not like a faring sports bike either. Kind of stripped back road bike like a VTR250.

    That's all the info I have. Sorry it's limited.

    Any ideas what it could be so I can further my investigations?
  2. there are 280 million people in the US, and of that number who ride, 100% can't resist the temptation to bring american arrogance to bear upon the designer's original intentions, and make their bike 'better'

    this was one of them, perhaps, by your description, best NOT seen.....
  3. yamaha vmax ??
  4. OK can I redefine the serach?

    A black, 4 stroke, roadbike with dual exhuasts and a nice rumble.

    Wasn't a motard style.
  5. Gee, that's a whole lot to go on now isn't it?

    Black - paint job - could be anything. This narrows it down by nothing.
    4-stroke - 2-strokes are illegal in California and pretty rare everywhere else - so this narrows the search down by about 1%
    road-bike - you saw it on the road - this narrows the search down by 0%
    dual-exausts - getting somehere here - exactly how much of an angle upwards are we talking about? KTM style pointing to the sky, or just slightly angled upwards?
    nice rumble - wholly subjective

    A complete and utter wild stab in the dark, I'd suggest a black Suzuki TL1000S, keeping in mind that with a rider aboard you wouln't see much, if any, of the silver frame, and the exhaust pipes may be aftermarket items. V-twin engine = nice rumble.

  6. SV1000, VTR1000 (or RVT over there) , TL1000, TLR1000
  7. Ducati Monster?
    Looks the most like a VTR250.

  8. it was probably a streetfightered something arother
  9. JP86! Yes thank you! That's exactly what it was.

    Thanks for working that out for me :)
  10. JP86! Yes thank you! That's exactly what it was.

    Thanks for working that out for me :)
  11. JP86! Yes thank you! That's exactly what it was.

    Thanks for working that out for me :)
  12. You're kidding aren't you?

    I thought everybody could recognise a Monster, I was hoping for something a bit more obscure..
  13. are you always this excitable moog?
  14. <--- Its the super powers I keep telling everyone about.
    But really, how could you not recognise a monster? It's such an iconic bike!
  15. The site wasn't working properly and I had to enter it 3 times.

    Yes I'll admit I didn't recognise the Monster.

  16. Getting that excited over a Monster... or even a Ducati... who'd have thunk it... ;) :p