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What treatment for leathers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kane Mortlock, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    just bought my leathers (second hand). They are in pretty good nick, but I would like them to stay that way.

    Can anyone recommend if I should treat them with some sort of leather treatment, and if so, which one?

    Thanks in advance,

    Kane. :)
  2. do a search in the search function.
    you will find a few posts regarding leather treatments.
  3. I annoint the inside with liberal amounts of man sweat.

    The outside I keep nice with a mixture of chip grease, bundy and bug guts. Massage liberally.

    If seagulls attack you it's not my fault. :D
  4. hahahahahahahhaa :LOL: yeah, that sounds about right
  5. One word.


    Heat leathers, massage into leather, buff.

    As smee said, do a search, it's been covered before.
  6. Advice on caring for leathers


    I'm looking for advice on what people use to care for their leathers. Does everyone use Dubbin, or is there some motorcycle leather specific leather care product that I can pay twice as much for? :LOL:

    (Bought some second hand tiger angel leathers. Two piece, they seem great and I would like to look after them).

    Thank in advance anyone who can help,

    Kane. :)
  7. Dubbin does not rot stitching, stitching these days is nylon. Leather garment makers like MARS LEATHERS recommend Dubbin.
    Zorbel is a leather conditioner that will stop leather drying out however it is not going to waterproof your leathers.
  8. I wouldn't bother putting anything at all on your leathers. I have just retired a jacket that has given me 21 years service & have never put anything at all on it. Had the zips restitched twice & totally worn the lining out of it & has also had a few slides down the road. The leather is still as tough & supple as ever.(just getting a little bit rotund for it :D ) I think the main thing is to wear your gear as much as possible -don't just hang it in the wardrobe & marvel how pretty it looks. Use it. Don't worry about getting it wet -just don't cook it in front of a heater to dry it out. My gear has been drowned so many times I couldn't even begin to guess. My experience anyway.
  9. Kane,

    I was in the same shoes as you. Being a n00b to all things leather, went with two separate leather shop workers advice (from diff shops) and they both recommended RENAPUR. @ $25 it certainly goes up there in the rip-off category but having treated my Dainese Leather suit with it, I must say they came out beautiful!

    Used 'em in the rains already (that's what we call 'fair weather riding' here in Melb! :LOL: ) and works pretty good. My 2 cents anyway. Hope that helps.
  10. Thanks all,

    I've snowsealed my suit for now. It came up great. I hope it lasts.