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What trade-in price should I take?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ksystemz, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. going to trade my 2 bikes in tommorrow , what do i take? also how do i bargin with the guy as well i already told him 2 other bike shops have offerd me "this much" his like well i would offer the same. i cleaned my bikes up too so they look pretti. hopefully get my r6 this week

  2. NO, NO, NO, NO, no no no no no!

    if another bike shop offers you 'this much', he's going to have to do


    otherwise you go to the other bike shop,

    got it!

    then, you tell the other bike shop you got a better offer and they will offer more than that...etc!
  3. i already up the price they said lol , i want a quick sale like 4k , not really fussed i have a 06 150cc scooter with 8000ks and a gpx 2000 with 27000ks
  4. um, u dont quite get what im saying.

    it's like this,

    either he offers you more than the other place or you go to the other place.

    dont take 'i already upt the price' for an answer.

    you say, 'offer more or i go elsewhere tomorrow, end of story. if u cant then dont and i will go there.'

    if he says ok, then changes his mind when you get there, LEAVE.

    than again, if you really are happy with the deal, then go for it.

  5. Why not sell them privately ? You will get more for them.
  6. Go get what ever you can for them and get the new steed as soon as possible. It's only money. Have fun:)
  7. the tradein price means nothing at all

    you are looking at a change over figure , which means , how much $$$ do i need to give you to take that R6 home
  8. i just want 4k+ coz i want to get this bike this week which is from a priv