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what tools do you keep on the bike?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by samks, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Just wondering what you carry when touring? As in tools and road side repairs and stuff?

  2. just myself :oops: :LOL:
  3. The one that came with the bike. MZ toolkits are very good compared to the ones I have had from Jap bikes.
  4. Genuine Suzuki tool kit, tyre repair kit and a Leatherman Wave.
  5. I can fit a small tool box, pliers, spare brake lever, spare clutch lever, small spanner and sticky tape. I think thats about it.

    I normally put in my spare glasses and a bottle of drinking water (600ml).

    Luckily I can just fit them all in. Just....
  6. Credit card.

    Ive got a fair idea of the condition of my bikes, so at most a tyre puncture kit.
  7. The 250 has the std tool kit, but my bike has nothing. Must try to track one down one day.
  8. :rofl: :rofl:
  9. RACV membership card and mobile phone, all the tools you will need.
  10. ive got - allen key sets,plier ,screwdriver w/ changeable tips,
    spare fuses, adjustable wrench and duct tape. :grin:
  11. Tools that came with bike, puncture kit & pump, leatherman, zip ties, 100mph tape.
  12. Leatherman, allen key set, badass knife, cable ties, 100mph tape, puncture repair kit, quicksteel, superglue, first aid kit...

    Gotta love bikes that actually have underseat storage!
  13. Mobile phone :LOL:
  14. Standard tool kit.
    Leatherman Wave
    Cable ties
    insulation tape
    puncture repair kit (inc. small air compressor)
    Length of 12mm plastic hose.

    Most of it fits under the seat. The air comp. resides in the Ventura bag.

    Having all this crap may be a waste of storage space. But knowing that it's there means that there's one less thing to worry about. Most modern bikes are fairly well bulletproof. But you never know...
  15. Wow, i didn't think of carrying tubes or anything, at the moment i've only got the original Honda kit, which carries the default sized bolt removal tools (even the wheel nuts)...

    But i've been meaning to add in some tape, cable ties and stuff to cover it all.
  16. All the time: Leatherman, OEM tool kit, fuses, tyre repair kit and CO2 bottles, knife, pen, phone, wallet and LED torch.

    Long rides: add - first aid kit, water, some extra gear if the weather's gonna turn.

    Touring: add - Plexus, chain lube, more comprehensive tool kit, zip ties, rags, kero, gaffer tape, occy straps... whatever else I think I might need.

    Should prolly put the gaffer in the everyday category though :-k

    :LOL: @ Joel
  17. Forgot to mention - the cable ties are wrapped in a few rubber bands.

    That should about cover it. Anything more then it's; call the missus, "come and get me. Oh, don't forget the trailer..."
  18. Definitely cant go past the leatherman :wink:

    Im getting all excited thinking about it lol - altho mines a Gerber :p
  19. Sorry I meant to came back and list straight after the first question. But this is the list of goodies I used to carry on my old ZZR1100 but some stuff is legal requirement for traveling in Europe and spare bulbs will no longer me carries as with safety triangle.

    • Leatherman
    • Dbl ended screw driver
    • 8mm, 10mm, 12mm ring open ender
    • 3/8 ratchet and sockets
    • Allen key bits (think it was 4, 5, 6,8,10mm)
    • Lighter
    • Mini muilt meter
    • Self soldering butt connectors
    • Wire
    • Self vulcanizing tape
    • Cable ties
    • Latex gloves
    • Mini can of HHS2000 (general lube)
    • Mini can of ULTRA2040 (light lube,de watering fluid,penatrating oil stuff)
    • Bit of fuel hose
    • Hose clamp
    • Couple of m5, m6 bolts
    • Safety triangle (reflective tape in the lid of my Givi top box)
    • First aid kit (no idea what to do with it)
    • Bulbs
    • Hi viz vest
    • Water
    • Small LED torch
    • Spark Plugs
    • Chain Saw Oil
    • Small Battle of washing up liquid
    • Clean Rag