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What to wear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tack, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. I know this might sound like a really stupid question but.....How do people here decide how much to wear when they go for a bike ride? What are the keys things that help you decide??? wind chill??? wind speed??

    So far I've been riding for three weeks and every time I go out for a ride I'm either wearing to much and I cook or to little and I freeze! I know it sounds silly but If tried going outside and feeling the temperature before I go out but still get it wrong!

    Things like wind chill factor make a big difference....I even found it was much colder to ride in the trees up to Mt Dandenong...I realise you can't compensate for temp changes like this in a ride but it's the overall thing.

    I've resorted to wearing too much and then stripping off and putting stuff in my gear sack. I was just hoping that I might find a good way to get a little closer to the mark.
  2. Bit like Shrek and his onions......layers. IF you have your gearsack with you all the time I reckon your doin' the right thing..just peel out of the unwanted layers and replace as necessary :)
    Living in the Dandenongs I can tell you the temp drops a min of 5 degrees as soon as you get to the trees.
  3. I keep a close watch on the weather patterns available on the Bureau of Meteorology website.
  4. I hear ya, I ride 40k each way every day and it's not easy to get it right. cold and dark at 5.30am and sunglare and heat at 4.00pm, I wish somebody made a visor that goes darker in the sun. I wear draggin jeans which seem to work in both hot and cold conditions, as well as giving me some protection. I match this up with a dryrider drimesh jacket in the summer and a nordic 3 jacket for winter, both have removable liners and plenty of pockets. I haven't been able to find a comfortable leather jacket that is both waterproof and windproof.

    F.Y.I. I come off at Reefton and totaled my first bike, walked away with a friction burn on my bum, I swear by draggin jeans, won't ride without em.
  5. I really feel the cold, I tend to always have a jumper on and neck sock and now I also wear my Foggoff if necessary.

    If it feels even remotely chilly before I get on the bike, then I generally wear my DriRiders, but also depends on the sort of riding I'm doing. I can wear up to 3 jumpers under my leather jacket (I only really have thin but warm jumpers in my wardrobe :) ) and a pair of leggings under my leather pants. I also have a pair of Rjays inner gloves (bought when I was in Tassie last year!). Pretty much all my socks are explorer socks, but I find my feet stay warm in my Alpinestars!

    I'm lucky in that I have a fair bit of storage under my seat, so as the day warms up, I peel layers off and don't have the hassle of a bag on my back or anywhere else.

    :D :D :D
  6. you have a neck sock??? where do you get one of them? What's a fogoff?

    What about braces...anyone know where I can get some really cool looking braces for my dry riders....something that men would wear but not a queer eye type person. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
  7. I have an Rjays polarfleece necksock and I have another one which is a bit bulkier (not sure of brand, but may be Turtlenecksock or similar). The Foggoff I bought at Bikemart a couple of weeks ago....if you're going to the Bikemart discount night, you should be able to get one then. Otherwise, if you are floating around over the next few days, give me a yell and I can show you what they are.

    :D :D :D
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  9. Braces you can get from several "suit" type stores for $15-25. I used to work at fletcher jones in the city and they sell some plain looking ones there, David jones have some far as I know (but probably more expensive), tie rack i think maybe, try places that sell cufflinks.
    Could be more helpful if I knew what you define as cool looking!
  10. Sorry Deb....I didn't even think about those :oops: I don't have a netrider one as I have two others!

    :D :D :D
  11. For me, i keep a close eye on the www.bom.gov.au website..

    for instance last week i was wearing my dainese gortex winter jacket to work, and today i just wore my work shirt to work with long sleeve top in the bag and if it rains i have a spray jacket in the trunk of the R1.. I am not too worried if i ride in a shirt and it gets too cold, been riding dirt bikes long enough to not worry about getting a lil wet and cold, specially since it only takes me 15-20mins to get to work and home.

    You also have to choose clothing/gear that you will be comfortable in, some people feel naked while wearing a shirt on a bike while others will have no issues. I do actually have a summer jacket (mesh alpinestar jacket) but even in mid 30c weather it is too hot to wear in city traffic.
  12. Riding the bike is different to driving in the car. You are exposed to the elements. The air con and heater in the car can be adjusted to keep you a constant temp. No such luck on the bike.

    my point is...
    1 - become accepting that sometimes you will feel cold, sometimes hot and if you are lucky, just right.
    2 - I find it easier to cool down than heat up. So I would rather over dress than underdress. If I'm too hot (and I do wear full leathers with thinsulate lining) I'll undo some zips some of the way.
    3 - on really hot days try and minimise the times you are stopped, go a longer way home if the traffic moves (eg. backroads instead of a freeway carpark).
    4 - exposed skin gets REALLY cold when it is cold. The turtle neck is your friend here.
    5- thin but warm thermals are very good. You don't bulk up so much so still have good movement.
    6 - never ride when you feel you are nearing the boundaries of what is tollerable. Too cold and your reflexes and muscles will be very slow to react. Too hot and you will not be able to concentrate.
  13. I always err on the side of caution. If it feels like it might be a bit chilly, wear more layers that you can later take off (as has been said).

    However, if you don't, and you do find yourself freezing.... a NEWSPAPER down the front of your jacket REALLY works well..... believe me.... :p
  14. They do! Well, not full visors but visor inserts. You can get some fog-city hyper-reactive ones or you can get a cheaper version made by pro-grip. I used to have the pro-grip version and it did not work well. Friend has the fog-city version and says it works great.

    I am in Paul.R1's category of feeling naked if I don't wear full gear. Always have a helmet, jacket, and gloves. Gravel rash does not appeal to me (have been told that getting this cleaned is one of the nastiest and most ouch-eliciting procedures that can be done). In the least I will wear normal jeans, but most days (80%) I will wear motorcycle pants (draggins or cordura).