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What to wear under leather pants???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by luvmyzed, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. I have a set of Berik leathers & have found the pants fit almost too well.

    Has anyone any suggestions what to wear under the leather pants in the hotter weather so not to add bulk etc.

  2. Budgie smugglers.
  3. wear a g banger :)

    i wear skins, makes putting on the leather easier too!
  4. Umm _Joel_......... IF I had a pair of budgies, I would wear them, but I don't....if you know what I mean!!! ;)

    Seriously though, if skins are the way to go under leather, would or do they "melt" under friction caused by sliding (worst case situation)

    What are skins made from???
  5. if you got the $$$$$$$$$$ Skins, UnderArmour, LineBreaker... any compression clothing...

    if you want to be cheap: Big W sell Slazenger compression clothing..

    i never wear my leathers without them..

    as for sliding, i've been down the road and didnt suffer no "melt"
  6. From what I've been told, bike shorts are apparently a good choice under leathers
    If you dont mind spending the money then skins, or underarmour as GOOSH mentioned would be better, they're specifically designed for that sort of thing after all

  7. On the off-chance...
    Which particular Skins products?
    Melbourne retailer?
  8. So not going commando then?
  9. i go commando, with leather chaps.
  10. Any decent sports shop should stock a decent range/price.

    Underarmour has a cool elastic waist, like CK undies :eek:hno:
  11. :rofl:

    i've heard of guys wearing womans stockings for comfort...but i don't know if its a good idea or not.
  12. Thats a rather personal question isn't it ?

    But if you must know, I wear a little matching G string with just a hint of scented talc. The missus does the same when she wears her pvc jumpsuit as well, it makes it so much easier when..................

    Ohhh you talking about bike leathers ? :-#:-w:oops:

    In that case, I find 3/4 length leggings [ as in the female sports type ] do the best job. *Black size 12*
    Not a good idea though to try to fit into the missus's size 8 ones by mistake though! It was an interesting pain for a while :bolt:
  13. Skins.

    And yes they do melt into your skin, but only once it's skins to tarmac directly. Leaves a lasting scar, but it wouldn't be pretty skins or no skins.
  14. Yea cameltoe isn't a good look ;)
  15. Nothings worn under the leather pants - it's all in good working order..


    with apologies to the Goons

    And as for a pair of leather chaps around your legs...

    That line brings a whole lot of memories back to any Goodies fan =D>
  16. goody-goody-yum-yum :LOL: