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What to wear on pre learner course?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Robb0, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Hey People

    I'm all new to this forum and I'm new to motorbike. So hello to everyone.

    I'm doing my pre learner course in march and I read that Long sleeved jacket or jersey made of a sturdy material such as leather or denim is what I need to wear for the top half of me. Now I dont own a leather or denim jacket is there something else I can wear made of a different meterial that will be acceptable? Otherwise I'll go out and buy a cheap leather jacket.

    Just one last question with shoes can I wear slip on steel cap work boots. Or wouldnt that be a good thing to wear? I do hav some old joggers and skate shoes. I will be buying all the motorbike gear as soon I get my L's

    Sorry bout all my stupid questions :oops:

  2. It's not that bigger deal, but if you have the cash handy get a jacket that you are going to keep and wear for when you start riding in earnest.

    As for the boots I suggest wearing your steel capped ones. I would never recommend wearing steel cap boots while riding normally but at the maximum 25km/h you will be doing your boots will be a lot more comfortable and safer than regular shoes.
  3. When I did mine I wore jeans runners and a long sleeve top, as well as taking a random jacket I found in the cupboard. Not leather, just a little bit bulky looking. But its summer now so I'd go with short sleeve top and a lightish jacket. They're not too fussed about it as long as you're covered up. And don't forget sunnies as when I did it we had to have our visors down if we didn't have them, and it was hot!

    Good luck you'll have a blast :LOL: :cool:
  4. Welcome to NR Robb0 :)

    Im not sure which state you are from, (you may want to update your profile as it helps with answering questions as each state's rules differ ) but in Vic generally most places accept any long sleeved type of jacket, full length pants and some type of boot. Try to stay clear of anything with laces as these could undo or get caught & maybe choose a thicker pair of denim jeans if you have them in case of a fall, though you wont be doing any fast speeds in a carpark type of environment.

    If in doubt, phone and ask the venue where youre doing the course to double check before the day & good luck :wink:
  5. I called my local test centre and asked this very question and was told a long sleeved top, jeans and boots. I mentioned that I didn't have boots but some sturdier-than-trainers walking shoes and he said they should be fine. I may just tape down the laces though to avoid hooking onto something.
  6. I just finished mine in Botany, and a friend did hers in St Ives a couple of weeks ago and we were told that a long sleeved t shirt was fine on the 2nd day... i just wore a tshirt and a light zip up cotton jacket for the first day. Hopefully things will cool down abit by march for you!

    Wear your boots on the course. They'll save your feet even if *unlikely* you do fall off. Its very slow, you wont get above 2nd gear or 25km/h. I had my lace up boots on, just tucked the laces in so they didnt get caught. Jeans are fine for the course!
  7. The simple rule is no skin to be shown.
  8. :LOL: @ taping laces down. I rode for 3 months with normal runners before getting propper boots and I just tucked mine in.
  9. Thanks for the help guys I have a cotten zip up jumper/jacket I could proply wear.

    After I get my L's I'll be arranging my money to buy my bike and gear. Proply have up to $6k to spend looking at a ZZR or GPX bike hopefully I wont use need the whole $6k. Proply buying from a motorbike dealer dont know to much bout bikes hopefully they can do a good deal on the riding gear. Once again Thanks for your help.

  10. Be careful with dealers mate... they're not the cheapest around... take a mate who knows about bikes (if possible) and have a look at private sales. Most places (MCA, Action, etc) will do discounts on gear anyway, especially if you're buying a full set. I know action has a few things that are a season or two old that are always on sale for good prices!! I'll be going gear shopping this week :) and hopefully grab my bike this week too!!
  11. Also what is consided high km's on a bike. Like on average how many K's ruffly when a motor needs a rebuild? And Say I spend up to $4500 on a ZZR or GPX what sorta K's should I be looking for?
  12. Good luck to the people who are going to do there's! & to the ones that have just done it hope ya passed! :grin:

    I'll be doing mine next week! :grin: :cool:

    As stated by other people cant have any skin baring
    When i did mine a few years ago i just wore jeans and a dehnim jacket and boots
  13. hey Robb0,
    Everyone's opinion on high K's will be different. Whats a lot more important is how the bikes been looked after, serviced, repaired etc..
    I cant help with knowing how to check these things but there is a guide here:

    you must be from around the same area as me, i live at engadine and work at sutherland, so if you want any help getting started on your l's or just want to go for a ride then let me know..
  14. cool thanks I live in Engadine too so maybe sometime could go for a ride. I already got my bike ended up with a new gpx250 its in the garage now have riden it up the driveway few times also had ago at hill starting too. Doing my Pre Learners this weekend and hope to have my licence by next monday :grin:
  15. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Turn up wearing these if you really want to impress everyone.

  16. ^^^ :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ^^^

    Snazzy looking! \:D/ :rofl:
  17. Dress sexy
    It worked for me
  18. haha... Dress to impress... so there are good looking female instructors?

    I've actually booked my learner's course for the 24th and 25th of March...
    Can't wait now... I'm going to go borrow my mate's bicycle and pretend it's a bike for the time being.
  19. I wore a leather jacket that I bought from a mate and some jeans and boots, gloves were borrowed from my old man. Easy.

    Some people had just a footy jersey, motorcross gloves and jeans & boots....

    Like the others say, as long as the material won't incinerate when you fall off your bike at 20km/h...

  20. The above is a little disturbing. "When you fall off"... the truth is you wont fall if they do a half decent job of teaching you how to ride... you'll be ok... go in there with a positive attitude... Good Luck !!