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What to use for washin bikes? Never done it only on cars!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by savelastdance, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. can it be use same as car with car wash stuff?? what about on the chroming parts?? to keep it shining? I only knows how to use on cars lol

  2. Don't know what level of water restrictions your on in NSW, but the only stuff you can use now in Vic, is that waterless stuff!
    Oh, and Mr Sheen is good for the unpainted bits. :grin:
  3. we are on stage 1 restrictions here, even so, I've always just used a squeeze bottle with very weak dish washing liquid and a soft rag for most of the bike. for the chrome parts I use that purple polish stuff which is absolutly brilliant.
  4. Or a local car wash (but make sure you wear your wet weather gear as you ride through it. And keep your visor down otherwise the flapping leather thingys might rip it off).
  5. plexus...and a bit of kero to get the chain lube off the rim/swingarm etc.
  6. Ummm please don't be doing that! Dish washing liquid is used by detailer to remove left over wax before they reapply polish / wax etc.
    Seriously not good for painted surfaces.

    I just use the same as i would for my car, a good quality and mild car wash detergent and a microfiber wash mitt.
  7. i use 'Formula 1 Bike clean'.. found it at Super Cheap Auto, woulda looked elsewhere too but the hottie Ashlea was workin so i had to buy somethin :grin: Metal i use Autosol, both do the trick :cool:
  8. Autosol for the chrome, and a top quality wash liquid and soft mit for the washing exercise.

    Kero for removing chainwax fling (if so equipped)
    Maguires gold class wax to finish off (plastics and tank and screen)
  9. Jamie, on account of that, I'll get some proper stuff next time Im shopping... it does clean it up very well though, i guess offers no protection?
  10. hello i work at a car detailing place and i have used the products they use on cars and it works fine. We use "Omnikron" products, supergloss soap & degreaser to be specific. I dont know how available it is in small quantity but it works fine.

    Firstly i quickly rinse bike, then apply soap using a soft sponge. After its wash, rinse away teh soap.

    I then begin to degrease the wheel arches, rims, and the lower fairing nearest to the ground as tar and other grime tend to collect.

    Once the degreasing is finished, re-rinse the motorbike once again and dry using a shammy (beware of hot exhaust as shammy may burn n stick to it).

    I then use a hydraulic compressor to air all excess water, especially near the electricals.

    When all is dry, apply some wax or polish to really make the bike glimmer ;) (if it is financially in reach)

    For the chrome > autosol is great. :)

    As for the chain, i dont know how to clean them yet :(

    Anyways, thats how i wash my bike. :)
  11. For the chain, a rag soaked in kero does well.

    Most dishwashing liquids also contain salt, which is no good - ie they can promote rust. More important to look out for with cars where you can get it trapped and collect in doorskins etc but worth being careful for bikes too.
  12. Chain - i need to buy kero

    I spray degreaser on a rag and use that to clean the rims and spokes of the wheel (degreaser is BAD on tyres)

    For the tank/plastic bits i use windex or mr sheen!

    i wax it using this stuff from an orange bottle called "once a year wax"... i use it once a month or so lol.. makes the tank hell slippery to grip with your legs when just applied, like most waxes...

    Chrome bits (including stainless steel pipe) i use autosol, brilliant stuff
  13. Cleaning mine this weekend...

    local car wash has a self server high pressure washer and degreaser...so I'll se how that goes (avoiding chain though)

    my rims are covered in crap from the road and chain so hopefully i'll get them back to something near their standard white.
  14. thanks for all the posts, i know i didnt start the thread but its helped alot :grin:
  15. I detail/clean bikes, and prepare them for sale in my spare time for some extra spondoulies... Here is a list of what parts to clean what with. I’ve been doing this for a while, and though I don’t claim that these are the best, I know they won’t damage your ride. Please let me know of any other products that I might not know of - you learn something different every day.

    STEP 1. Do Australia a favor and save water, give your bike a spray (from a bottle) with grey-water that you saved in a bucket from your shower or bath (or alternatively, take a shower with your bike.)

    Step 2. Using CHEMTECH CT-18 (from your auto shop, its a foaming gel - cleaner that costs $30 odd, and can be diluted up to 200 litres, its zero alkaline and not acidic, and has rust inhibiting properties) in a bucket applying with a sponge/spray bottle or brush. You can use this stuff on brake rotors/calipers and chain as well, unlike degreaser that will damage both of these. Work it hard into the grime, making sure it penetrates. Rinse/spray.

    STEP 3. Apply CT-18 again with spray bottle, even if the bike appears to be clean, go and have a coffee and watch some telly for about an hour, and let the stuff dry. Rinse, especially good if you can use a high pressure hose, keeping the jet away from electrics, bearings, and radiator face. Polish off plastics and tank with a polishing cloth (ENYO (ENJO?) cloths are great)

    STEP 4. Chain/Sprocket: I start with a wire brush and concentrated CT-18, and then move onto a toothbrush. Degreaser is not a great idea, especially on O-Ring chains as it will dissolve the internal lubrication. I usually put the bike up on centrestand/trackstand to make it easier, and slap it into first gear (Unless you want to lose a finger, I would advise EXTREME CAUTION and turning down the idle is an idea!) I then use a little bit of kerosene on a rag and clean each individual link until it’s pretty and shiny, but it’s a bit obsessive. The same applies for the sprocket, however if you want a really good finish, see STEP 8. (A lot of people think their sprocket is black, however most of the time it came out of the showroom nice and shiny!) Remember to re-lube, wipe excess, and do it before you clean your rims.

    Step 5. Brakes: Using metholated spirits on a rag, clean your brake rotors. Change the rag regularly, until no more brake dust appears. You can also buy brake cleaner (I like NULON brake cleaner) that is in a can that you can spray your discs and calipers, but this stuff can do damage to your paint, so use a rag for overspray. If you want to get serious braking power back, remove you wheel/caliper and run a soaked metho rag between your brake pads.

    Step 5. Rims: Degreaser (RP-7, WD-40 ect.) and kerosene both work well for getting muck off your wheels, but both can discolor (yellow) your paint if used regularly. They can also be dangerously slippery if you get some on your tread. Dirt and dust will stick to these as well, so make sure it’s all wiped up thoroughly. I use the CT-18 stuff again here, polishing it until it’s all gone. For chrome/shiny rims, read STEP 8.

    Step 6. Tyres: Be very careful with this one, 'cos there’s not point your bike being showroom clean sitting broken in the wreckers...
    Use a tyre cleaning chemical (different to tyre shine) to clean the walls of the tyres (!!!not the tread!!!). The rag will keep coming up black, '‘cos you’re actually stripping rubber away. Then you can use Tyre Black (like paint) with a paintbrush, or Amour-All tyre shine. You can get combinations of these, i.e. 2 in 1, but I think it works better individually. Make sure you clean up any and all over spays and drips on tyre tread, as well as the gap between the tyre and rim where the fluid likes to hide, or your going arse up.

    STEP 7. Seat/unpainted plastics: Use a velour/leather/upholstery cleaner (Amour-all is a good one) on your seat, keeping in mind it will be slippery afterwards. Follow the directions on the bottle. You can use the same stuff on your unpainted black plastics (under tail, indicators, switch blocks, instruments ect.}, but auto Bumper Rejuvenator works great too. It’s like a "milky" liquid, follow the directions on the pack, letting it soak into plastics. It also helps prevent sun-damage.

    STEP 8. Chrome/shiny bits: My favorite is AUTOSOL, but I hear another product, MOTHER is also a good one. Use it on anything that is bare metal, or has a metal coating like chrome. AUTOSOL is an abrasive cleaner, so if you use it too much it can damage the surface or take off clear coatings over these surfaces. For badly corroded surfaces, or to remove brake dust on bare metals, use a light sandpaper (1200 grit wet and dry). The best way to use AUTOSOL is:
    Apply it with your hands, keep on rubbing/massaging surface until the stuff becomes purplish black. Wipe off with a rag. Polish with a clean rag, changing rags regularly. The cleaner the rags, and the faster you polish, the better your finish will be. Keep changing the rags and polishing until there’s no more residue on the rag. If needed, re-do the steps from the start. MR SHEEN works well, so does CHROME CLEEN (or similar) MMmmmnnn, shiny.

    STEP 9. Screens, Lights & Indicators. You can usually clean the insides of indicator lenses and head/tail lights by removing them, but don’t touch the halogen globes or they will burn out. You can get rid of "clouding" on the insides of indicators and lights by using WINDEX or CT-18, and giving them a good rinse. You will be surprised how much better they light up, and this should be done at least ounce a year. For your screen and instrument (dash) glass, use a helmet visor cleaner. It not only makes it nice, but also repels water.
  16. Thank, you for the post. I've been looking for something with that amount of info for ages :grin: very happy.
  17. Thanks for the post naked. Im going to go get some CT-18 tomorrow!

    Below is a link to a post on my car club forum.

    We have a guy on there that is a detailer and to be honest does awesome work!

    Anyway he detailed his bike not that long ago and posted up pictures before and after, take a look.......


    If your serious about detailing check out this forum....
    They are a pretty good bunch and will help you anyway they can. Some might even run around to your house with their buckets in hand if you post up pictures of your dirty bike for them to see! Some are a little obsessive i think. :LOL:

  18. Hey Jamie, great to see a fellow ECCA member. :grin:
  19. Hey mate! Thought it may have been you but wasn't 100% sure.

    Good to see you here as well. Alex with the green Pug is also on here, or at least i know he signed up.

  20. Cool, I hardly drive my BMW since I got my bike. :( Riding is so much fun - it is addictive! :LOL: :?