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What to pay... 2nd Hand SHOEI XR-1000???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_sikma, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    What is a reasonable price to pay for a fairly new (under 1 year old ) SHOEI XR-1000 helmet?

    According to a few places I have seen them for around the $750- mark.

  2. Are you 100% sure it's never been knocked, dropped or in an accident?
  3. Personally wouldnt buy a second hand lid. Better to buy a brand new mid range helmet than a second hand top of the range helmet.

    You dont know if its been dropped also if the guy has been wearing it for a year its now moulded to his head shape and wont fit yours as well as it should.

    Up to you Its your head.
  4. $750 for a 1 year 2nd hand?
    May as well buy it new.

    I got my new XR-1000 for $640.
    If I'm right Bikemart sells it for $680 (this is with a discount, they want to get rid of old stock.)

    $750?? It's better be signed limited and not gettable anymore. Otherwise it's far from worth it as you don't know if it's been dropped or how used it is etc etc.
  5. I think he means $750 new Grunge.

    I wouldent buy a second hand lid at all mate, it may have been dropped and it would defintly be moulded to there head.
  6. For a secondhand helmet between 1 month and 1 year old. Nothing, its worthless. Except for its visors, tinted visors are $60, so id pay $30 for it if it came with an unscatched tinted (that fit my helmet), keep the visor and dropkick the helmet.

    Less than a month, and you definatly know its undamaged (really only possible if you are friends with the person and absolutly trust their honesty) mabey $200

    A few days old and trusted person, eg. the brand new helmet is hurting their head because they didnt try it for 10min in the shop. Anything up to new, depends how much you want to help them out by taking it off their hands.

    Helmets are a single owner item, like underpants. You dont buy them secondhand.
  7. evan underwear I go ebay.... take a look out there before doing anything.
  8. I know my heads pretty ugly but i'm very atatched to it. What jmuzz said sounds about right.
    NOT keen on putting my bonce in a seconhand helmet.
  9. so if it isnt molded and never been dropped then it should be fine?

    this whole dropping thing sounds pretty serious??? i am guessing because it would damage the helmet, but if the helmet was dropped you would be able to see scratches on the paintwork?
  10. oh yeah only reaon for sale is because of a new bike and wanting a matching helmet.
  11. If its the diobolic model i would say offer 250- $300.00 as long as it fits you properly
  12. yeah the ones with the fancy graphics are alot more hay?

    it was $750- new

    still has box etc
  13. The idea of a helmet is the foam compacts to provide cushioning. In a composite helmet the layers also delaminate to absorbe the impact.

    Droped on the road and there will most likley be scratches from the pointy rocks.
    But on smooth concrete, dirt, floor, there wont be any real mark. But the foam at that point will be compressed in (like if you drop an apple it can still look ok, but will be mushy and brown under the skin). In an accident the helmet wouldnt perform properly.

    A $150 cheap brand helmet is safer than a secondhand Shoei. (a brand new shoei isnt any safer than a cheap helmet, it just has better build quality and aerodynamics, plus you wont have to listen to someone give you that $100 head crap)

    They should start making helmets with foam that recovers and returns to normal after a few hours. But of course they wont do that sort of thing, a dropped helmet is a new helmet sold.
  14. Not so - unless your head was in it when it hit. Otherwise - even on a pointed surface - there's nothing to compress it...

    There's an excellent article on the web from one of the Pom motorcycle magazines where they actually tested helmets under these circumstances and came to that conclusion.

    I've been hunting for it but couldn't find it.

    I did find this from Snell Laboratories

    If you drop a helmet from a few feet, say the seat of a motorcycle, is it okay?
    Basically, yes. It takes a lot to damage a helmet. If the helmet fell onto a hard surface and your head was in it, you should replace it.

    This ccomes from an account of a visit to the Snell Labs

    THere's a really good article on helmets and protection levels here.

  15. according to some of these posts...

    if your helemet is older than a month, it should be replaced

    and if your helmet makes contact with anything other than your head, it should be replaced

    I always thought they were designed to take a beating!!!
  16. nah, just don't buy second hand because you have absolutely no idea what has happened to it, only the owner/seller will know that.

    Question is, do you want to take the risk of putting your head into a helmet that you know nothing about?
  17. They are. Once.

    How much is your head worth?
  18. ill swap my head for some rearsets and a pair of michellin pilots
  19. well i KNOW the history of the helmet.

    it still smells brand new, no dents, scratches or marks.

    all the foam is in prefect condition and none of the lettering or anything has been marked etc

    going by this what should it be worth?

  20. and it has only been worn a couple times so it hasnt been worn in at all yet