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what to look for when buying a second R1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by warakawa, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. any suggestions guys?

  2. gearbox issues tend to be a big one on R1's, take it for a ride, once in 2nd gear give it full throttle or just get on the gas really hard, if it slips in to neutral, then it is knackered and I would be looking for a new R1 or ask the owner to take $2500 off the sale price and get the gearbox rebuilt, if it doesn;t then it should be all good :).

    Depends on how the owner treated the bike, how many K's on the bike etc. I have 73000km's on my R1 (had it since new) and the only mechanical prob I have had with it was the stator been burnt out, so the battery would never charge properly. I have no even had the valves done yet, as long as the bike is looked after they should last a long time.
  3. A place to burn it ;)
  4. i looking for a newer model, i wont get anything that has more than 15000 km, would this still be a problem?
  5. Don't forget to factor in the cost of a Corona singlet :)

    ...but seriously, what year models are you looking at?
  6. I would do it for any R1 (acually any sports bike for that matter) if buying 2nd hand.

    Gearbox's tend to break easier on bikes with more then 100hp and the rider not changing gears properly (dont worry Vic, BM's dont have to worry about this) ;)
  7. What, one R1 isn't enough for you?
  8. Vic your not suffering from BMW'itis are you ?

    My dad just started riding (11 months ago). His first bike was an import BMW R65.

    He is always crapping on about how BMW's are the best bikes on the road :)

    Now hes gone and brought a K100RS with a trailer !!!

  9. May be found in the company of one:

  10. A full workshop service history and BIG FAT CHICKEN STRIPS.

    Most of them have the latter.