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What to look for in a helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by UserInterface, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. I have looked through a bunch of post but there is nothing really clear on what to look for in a helmet. I am not after recommendation of brands etc, just what to look for when deciding for myself.

    So far i just have...
    1. Make sure head can move a little inside the helmet.
    2. Clear visor (i'll wear sunnies under if needed)

    I'll be mainly commuting with it, but a few longer rides of about 1-1.5 hrs.

    I also might be limited as I have a very narrow head, it's almost impossible to buy sunnies that fit me that didn't come from the kids section. ](*,)

    What else do I need to look at for when buying?
  2. the right fit and nothing more... try them on for as long as you can in the shop. Most shops I would imagine would understand this. If it doesn't fit right then it's going to be uncomftable and pants. All have to meet a minimum standard anyway over here so just get something that fits well
  3. What about things like the little vents etc..
    I haven't ridden (besides my test) for long so don't know if they make much difference or do you just open the visor if you get hot?

    Also do they all have the same kind of head movement range for looking back over my shoulder?
  4. a head, of course :LOL:

    sorry, seriously though, fit, fit and fit, as carpetbelly notes

    pretty paint and fancy graphics and vents and stuff matter for nothing if you're a couple of hours (or MINUTES) into a ride and you're hating your helmet.......
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  5. I have retyped this 3 times and I always sound like an arse, it's not intended.
    In fact I should probably put that in my sig line, as I always seem to arch people up on forums.. my natural talent..

    So when I put on a helmet I'll know almost right away its a good fit?
    Things like different types of padding, weight etc are noticeable right away? I thought all this stuff you would learn with experience after the wear in period..
  6. no, this is the thing... this is why you need to walk around the shop with it on your head for like 20mins or so. If you start getting a headache after 15mins with one on you won't find that out by just plopping it on and then checking just the fit then taking it off.

    Go try on loads... that's the best advice I can give. It's the advice I was given and seems to be the most sensible as well
  7. Look for AS/NZS 1698:2006 certification and the manufactured date on the inside label
  8. there is a correct way of fitting a helment
    correct feel no gaps all around the head
    should be firm (not tight) around the head
    after its been on for awhile, you take it off and have red spots thata not good
    have the fastener done up so you can fit two figers under neight if you can pull the helment off then put it back
    lighter is better but also dearer
    Takamii makes good helments could get one of his
    want to know more just pm me
  9. I always look for spiders and cat vomit (or spiders in cat vomit) in mine before putting it on. "Why?" you ask. Because neither is an experience I wish to repeat :sick:.
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  10. LOL!
    I think i'l kill my cat if it spews in a 600+ helmet!

    thanks guys, that was more what I was after.
    I have asked the Takamii guys about price, they look good and I think I would be better suited to a lighter helmet.

    "You don't need a long neck to be a goose, but it sure helps me!"

    I am prepared to spend what is needed, but at the same time it needs to be worth the money as I don't wanna buy one then after 3 months find I can't handle it.

    Is there any where in sydney that I can try on the Takamii ones?
  11. removable liners and cheek pads are your friend
  12. I also highly recommend buying the Rain X Anti fog and the Rain X Glass treatment,
    especially if your commuting because you are not always going fast enough in traffic to avoid fogging up the visor.

    Also, try every brand of helmet on, they are all different and because our heads are all different shapes and sizes you'll be surprised that you'll find one specific brand of helmet will fit like a glove and the others will feel 'just not quite right'
  13. Now that's something I would never have thought of.
    Does it really work?
  14. No.

    Well, it never has for me, anyway, in spite of meticulous adherence to the instructions.
  15. If it's a full face can you see when you head check?
  16. Wear every helmet as long as you can, and try it as close to how you use it as possible.

    Ie; do you wear sunnies? If so, put them on.
    Do you use headphones? Try those too.

    Do you ride the kind of bike where you lean way forwards? go sit on one like it in the store to make sure it doesn't feel werd or obscure anything.

    For instance, as I'm tall, cruise and sit upright some full face helmets obscure the tank mounted instruments more then others.
  17. Is there? I would also like to know
  18. Eastern Creek Raceway this weekend - see micks fix leather repairs