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What to look 4 when buying at VTR250 with 40k on the clock?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by powinc, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. As a newbie I am looking to buy a 1999 Honda VTR250 with 40,000km on the clock?

    It has a RWC, but what else should a lookout for?

    Is 40,000 km too many?

    How long do these engines last?

  2. Take someone who knows about bikes to have a look at it, if you dont know anyone then ask the seller if you can get a shop to give it the once over, they will be able to tell you about anything which needs attention.

    You should be able to get over 100,000kms out of most modern jap 250's. If its been well looked after then probably much more.
  3. One thing to think about: In a year or 2's time, when you go to sell it and its got like 60-70,000kms who's going to want to buy it? Might be harder to resell.
  4. Hey powinc - 40000 shouldn't matter at all, but do the usual pre-purchase inspection stuff as you would with any other bike, before handing your $ over.

    Mine's done 60000km (2007 model) and apart from the usual services, I've had no issues due to its high kms. If it's been looked after it should last you many many more kms. :)
  5. Hi, make sure you inspect the exhaust system for rust. I forgot this area and got stung.
  6. Over 45,000km of riding, I didn't have any trouble aside from routine maintenance.

    I did once have something blocking one of the carbs but that fixed itself.

    Steering head bearing needed replacement around 50,000km, due to my terrible wheelie technique. :LOL:

    I had a fantastic mechanic down near Point Henry (near Geelong). Really knew his stuff, and would advise me if something needed doing (or even tell me and fix it if he had time), good rates.

    Actually, truth be told I had more trouble and things to fix after picking it up from its previous owner (with just 10,000km on it over 6 years). Fork oil and seals needed replacement, etc, etc.
  7. Why buy a '99 with 40,000 when you can have a '05 with 30,000. :grin: Check my sig. :wink:
  8. Because this one is cheaper and closer to where I live.