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What to expect in a Rider Training Course?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by iFrosty, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Newbie Question.. NO Flame Please :)

    So im thinking of getting a rider license as well as a sportsbike obviously.. Goin to TAFE and goin home... hate public transport..

    Anyways i choose to go to Botany Training Centre.. and i was wondering what to expect during the 2 day period of training? Do they also let you choose what bike to use?

    Any tips? :angel:

    im 17 btw.. my parents were totally against it (riding a motorbike) but yeh talked wif my mum, she agreed wif me =D>
  2. give the search function a shot, plenty of people have asked similar things.

    fwiw, i did my initial training at HARTs and got assigned a bike (from 3 choices, i think)

    sportsbike? i started on a gpx250, but ill go ahead and assume thats not sporty enough for you... heaps of ninja 250s floating round, have a look at them

  3. I took my younger cousin for this course a few months back and was allowed hang around most of the day. it had changed a lot from when I had to it about 6 years ago. The two days each went for about 6 hours and you cover all the basics of 'beginning' to learn roadcraft and how to control a motorcycle.

    You will start in the morning with some classroom sessions then move out to the bikes and go over their components, safety and controls etc as well as the right way to mount, start and checks in order to prepare to ride. Most of the first day is spent without even starting the bikes. You will be assigned a bike or scooter depending on what licence you are going for. There may be a few and you could probably get a change if you had any valid objections to the one they give you.

    Second day starts the same as the first going over what you learned (hopefully) the first day. Then you will go out and do a bit more on the bike. You will do some turning, indication small simulations of what the RTA expects you to come across in your first few weeks learing on the backroads. It is a progressive lesson / test so if you are there at the end of the 2 days you pass.

    The course is very basic and assumes no previous riding experience so no need to be nervous. If you are going for a geared motorcycle licence and can drive a manual car and ride pushbike you will have no problem. If you're going for a scooter licence, you will pass if you can ride a bicycle.

    My advice is to forget anything you think you know or have been told and listen to the instructors. Take in what they say, but more importantly,take away that information and apply it to your learning in the real world. After the course you will get a certificate of competency which you take to the RTA and after pass the computer knowledge test, they will give you your L's.

    Good luck and welcome to 2 wheels...
  4. thank you very much for the infos... i pretty much know the basics of motorbike... i just need to learn downshifting and coming into a complete stop... you guys know what i mean... :D

    and for the guy who recommended ninja 250... looks alright... but costs abit more than my target saving... 4-5 gran... i was looking around bikesales.com.au for sport bike.. u can get one from 3.5 gran...

    if i was allowed to get a loan, ill probably get the ninja but i cant since im 17... i can get one if i have a guarantor... i dont have a job and i get money off centrelink >.> sucks... but meh... ill probably work my ass off by blogging with advertisements
  5. Hello

    I'm going for my leaners test over 2 days at st agnes in 3 weeks time can anyone tell what i have to do to pass?.

    I always freak out about tests and get nervous and screw up any help would be greatly appreciated.
    iv had a fair amount of time on dirtbikes before corners,high speeds,dirt roads,etcs but road bikes are heaver and i worry about slow speeds i dont want to fail and waste money
  6. I'm doing mine in a couple of weeks as well.. I believe it will be something similar to this...
  7. Yeah.

    The poor instructor will have two half days of you "knowing the basics". :-(

    Pay attention.
    Do what you are told to do, not what you think you know.
    Try, very hard, not to tell the instructor when you think they are wrong.

    Good luck.