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what to do

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sez, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. hey guys, i started uni today and it took me forever in my cage to get there so im thinking im going to start riding there as much as i can, depending on the weather and my book load.

    but im problem is my gear, i don't have a bike bag yet (cause i can't afford it) and i don't really want to be lugging around my gear all day, im fine wearing my boots, and my draggins. and im sure if i tried like really tried i could stuff a bike jacket in a backpak (even if its a second bag) my issues is what to do with my helmet and gloves. the only solutions i can come up with is carry them or use the helmet hook thingy, but ive found i can get my helmet off those without undoing the seat so im not sure..

    what do you guys do or suggest i do??
  2. Get a locker?
  3. Leave my helmet on the bike, and wear my jacket all day. Easy, dump it under your seat in lectures, hand off your chair in labs/classes.
  4. i ride to uni everyday, i try and use my jacket as a jumper if needed, carry it on my back and leave my boots on

    on my bike if i use the helmet lock the helmet would sit on the can so i carry in its bag with my gloves inside, its not that bad. I saw a helmet bag with a strap that looked like the ducks guts may be worth a look

    i'm worried about leaving my gear on the bike so i carry it

    do u go to monash as they have lockers that can fit ur helmet and others that fit ur gear for free but i can't be bothered walking to the locker and then to class but most of my classes are together and i don't have big gaps

    ur call, personally i hate traffic too much to sit in the cage these days
  5. I used to just wear my gear around uni... there's always plenty bigger freaks than that wandering around campus :LOL:
  6. sarah just use a locker. i'd be surprised if your Uni doesnt have them available, and free. they probably need a deposit, like mine did, but that was fine. wear the boots n draggins, jacket as a jumper or if its hot, drink up :p

    maybe harass the sis into buying u a Ventura Rack for an early birthday/christmas etc pressie? :grin: im sure she can afford it with the new job :LOL:

    i wouldnt leave ur gear on your bike. A) it rains (only when u dont want it to, not when we need rain :p).
    8) Uni is full of pov people such as yourself. they steal stuff (not that im saying you do too :shock:). like helmets casually sitting on a bike. its a $300-1200 helmet... no idea how much yours is worth, but more than likely it will cost more than the bag rack you need :? not worth losing it.


    quit Uni, just ride, hassle free :grin: :grin: :grin:

    (we needa catch up for a ride!)
  7. I just jam my gloves under the pillion seat and lock the helmet onto the helmet lock. It is so tight that you can;t even twist the opening of the helmet around to slag in it. Hopefully. Carry the jacket and wear draggins and boots if i take them. The jacket is no worries around uni except for exams.

    Did you wear everything... full face helmet with visor down, gloves? because if i saw that in a lecture I'd rank it up there with the best of the freaks. Or I'd think you have a bad coldsore (or something), like the ad.
  8. thanks guys,
    i don't think hannahs going to be buying me anything for my bday, cause she hasn't spoken to me in like a month, (two different sides to the story , one im the bad guy two shes the bad guy) anyways yeah

    i haven't found the lockers yet but i will. im just gonna carry stuff till i find them cause there is no way im sitting in traffic at 8:30 for an hour again like i did this morning just to get to burwood deakin

    thanks guys
    ps. we need to ride soon rob
  9. or leave home at 5am? :grin:
  10. Get an across. Dump your books into the bike and when you get to uni, take books out and shove helmet (and gloves in helmet) in. :)
  11. I hang my helmet around my back back shoulder strap using the chin strap. Hangs beside the hip and is quite out of the way. You can roll your yakket up lengthways and put it under your back pack top flap (say that quickly). You gotta carry your gear so everyone knows you're a rough, tough, sexy and interesting biker.
  12. I just carry my helmet and wear all my gear around uni, if its too hot ill take my jacket off and carry that around as well. Pretty much every other biker at my uni does the same thing.
  13. I have a cable which I tie around my back wheel and all I do is put it through the helment. Gloves goes into backpack and jacket i hold. Works fine.
  14. When I was at uni, I paid for a locker. $30 for a year. Worth every penny. Helmet, gloves and jacket fitted in. So much less hassle!
  15. thanks for your reply's guys, rode to uni today cause i only had one lecture and i carryied my gear around, it wasn't to much hassle but then again i didn't have that many books or anything, i saw a few other bikes, one bike had the helmet in the helmet hooks and one had a cable tieing it to the bike..
    (man my spelling sucks today)

    while we are here any nr go to deakin?
    im there most days if you wanna go for a ride between lecs or something
  16. Trade your zzr250 for a burgman

  17. since you dont have an across like somone suggested.

    carry your helmet and gear around you'l have to beat the chicks off with a stick :cool: