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What to do

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zmokin, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. So your riding down the road... and something doesnt feel right the back end is way loose., You so look around and think narr its just the road, again it feels really bad when you get off the throttle, you look down and notice the chain is loose... Real loose. You think to yourself thats odd, it was only serviced 2 months ago (with a new tyre getting installed). So you stop to adjust the chain on the side of the road. You pull the tools out of the storage comparment and grab the wrench for the wheel nut.... Hang on where is the wheel nut!!!!!

    Yep thats right no wheel nut. So I call for someone to come and get me with a trailer. I grab another wheel nut (At my Own expence) Thinking its only $50 ill jsut wear it. Now after fixing it the bike doesnt really feel right. So I call and the helpfull service team jump to action and tell me bring it straight in and they will rectify the problems.

    What should I be expecting. The axle is partially stripped, the brake now rotates on its axis about 10 mm? and im sure the bearing have had a workout and a half with all that off center odd load.

    Shoul I be asking them to replace the chain and sproket? The axle is a no brainer, but the bearing and the axle mounts are also damaged.

    Advice please.

    (Please note the Repair shop have not mentioned a cost or what they will do as yet in way of compensating me for my troubles) I wont be mentioning there name. I know they read this forum and want to give them the right to respond in a professional manner. (Im sure they will wander out the back and have a look for themselfs later today when I drop off the bike).

    P.s. The bike is only 8 months old GSXR750

  2. $50 for a wheel nut :shock: Is it held on by a split pin or nylon bush?

    8 months old bike...was it serviced by a Suzi dealer? Probably not a warranty issue, as they'd be likely saying checking chain would be "user maintenance".

    Hopefully the shop look after you, and let us know what happens.
  3. Its held on by a tab inside the actual nut. Its a suzi dealer that serviced the bike. I have not adjusted the Chain myself at all I cant see how its not there responcibilty to ensure the bike is in a safe condition to ride when it leaves there workshop.
  4. have to agree; someone has failed to carry out the last checks after adjusting the chain, and you are now expected to wear the cost of their incompetence :(.
  5. Sounds to me like your lucky to get as far as you did!!
    It would be nice to think we would pick those things up on the pre-ride check that we all do!!
    Having said that i recently had my first service and they made a piont of justifying what they charge is the form of "Yes we change the oil & filter, also we tension your chain and check for any loose nuts & bolts".
    By the way i had no probs with there work.

    Unfortuanatly yours may not have got the same treatment.
    I would be looking for them to ensure me that they had replaced any and all parts that had been affected, I presume you have purchased the bike from them being only 8 months old. If so the warranty will come in very handy should that not be the case, just keep taking it back until your satisfied.

    Good Luck & ride safe
  6. I would be expecting them the go over the entire rear end, brakes included, and fix (at their cost) any damage caused by the nut coming loose and falling off.
  7. because you are supposed to maintain the chain and make regular adjustments, there was never a problem until 2 months after the shop worked on the bike, the shop can't be held responsible that you aren't doing any maintainance checks yourself, learn the checks to do or don't ride, you will only injure yourself by not maintaining your bike and making sure its safe before riding off

    all onus is on you, if thats offended you too bad, thats the wayit is, you should be checking over your bike before every ride
  8. I must've skipped the part where he said it was TWO MONTHS after the service! I agree that it should've been picked it up in that time.
  9. Yeah do a pre ride check! Have you checked the lights etc are still working? Did you check the chain tension? Did you check tyre pressures? All these things should be done weekly AND before any big ride even if you checked them yesterday. Have you washed the bike in the 2 months?

    You have a generous mechanic. Be thankfull for that.
  10. WOW there`s a couple of cans of whoopass for you..... :shock:
  11. how many km's have you done since the service???

  12. when was this incident?

    2 mths is a very long time to notice something as significant as this missing!

    how many times since service did you ride it?

    pre-ride checks are on YOU, buddy!

    though,i have to ask: how the hell does a nut that is presumably tightened, work its way loose after a service? something not right here...
  13. vibrations, a loose chain, a number of things, it the same reason you should check the wheel nuts on your car every 4-5,000k's
  14. Cars have wheel nuts????? How long has this been going on ????????????

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  15. yeah found out after seeing my front wheel roll down the road when i went to stop at a set of lights :LOL:

    as if :rofl: but i did lose 2 out of 4 wheel nuts off one of my old escorts with the remaining 2 just holding on :shock:
  16. 2 months since it was serviced. I think you will be paying for the lot.
  17. Dude, you wanna ride a bike you gotta learn to adjust the chain yourself. Its not that hard. Deal with it. Or buy a BMW.
  18. Where'd all this stuff about learning to adjust the chain come from?

    He had the bike serviced and a tyre changed. In that time, he may or may not have had the need to adjust or even look at his rear axle nut. It's quite possible for a nut to work loose overtime. That's why there are recommended torque settings, spring washers, nylocks, lockwire etc...

    How many here check the torque on their axle nuts before every ride? Really? And if you do, what other bolts do you check with your handy torque wrench? Engine bolts? Brake calipers? Steering head?

    I had the privilege of buying a new bike solely for racing. That meant that I had to take off most of the bits on the bike to get it race ready. About the only bolts that were actually tight were the hex bolts holding the side stand bracket. More or less everything else was much looser than I would have thought and certainly not what I expect the recommended torque settings should have been.

    Now, to actually help this guy, does anyone have any suggestions? I'd merely make the point that you haven't adjusted, undone, removed or done anything else with the axle nut. If someone mentions a 'pre ride check' I'd ask them to point out where in the owners manual it recommends that you check the torque settings on the axle nut. If they assert that you should have checked for the presence of the nut, respond that you did. It then comes down to a 'you said, she said' argument, but given that the bike was serviced by them, they recently removed the axle and that you hadn't had need to adjust the chain or change the tyre, that it's highly probable that their mechanic failed to reinstall the axle and nut correctly.
  19. mate, get what you paid for.

    when you have to return because of incompetence on their part they dont charge you, if they try, ya look at em funny, they smile and say 'ok', rip up the bill and toss it then and there.

    its all in the vibe. you get the vibe right and they wont even ask. they will feel you coming.

    stump it up! :cool:
  20. On the Stay upright course, we where given a checklist of pre ride and monthly maintenance operations, included in this is check tyres, rims, spokes (if app) play in front and rear wheels. I can't believe that with that much damage, you would not have noticed something different before, you can tell when your tyre starts to wear.

    Bikes are part of you, you can feel things way before you would in a car.
    I can remember that I had the suspension changed on my ford sierra (falcon) in the UK, after driving down the road from the garage the rear wheel fell off after approx 30 miles and lodged in the wheel well. Luckily, I was only going 30mph, the next stretch of road was a 70mph zone.

    The garage denied all responsibility, I let them fix it, drove the car out and didn't pay them. They wouldn't dare try legal action with a case like that.

    PS, how often do you lube the chain, for me this involves rotating the rear wheel smoothly whilst applying lube, this shows up any play on the drive train anyway.