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What to do?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by josh909, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. This afternoon on my way home from work I was lane splitting. Traffic was stopped, I was doing about 30km/h and there's a huge gap between the cars.
    Lo and behold, hidden in front of a semi is a paddy wagon... I only see it at the last minute. I panic, slam on the back brake, skid a bit on the white lane markings and come to a complete stop level with the passenger door of the paddy wagon. :shock:

    I then proceed to sit there until the lights change, not even daring to turn my head and look at the boys in blue before taking off when the traffic starts moving.

    In retrospect I think I should have probably kept going - even if they didn't approve, I would have been far out in front with their chances of catching up minimal.

    What do you guys think. Similar situations? Discuss.
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  3. S'pect that I would have done the same in the circumstances.

    Did you get in front of them so that they could see your plate?

    If possible, if I think I may be 'under observation', I try to keep the feds in front of me - I reckon I would have let them pull ahead then take the first available turn to anywhere if I was in your situation.
  4. Paddy wagons can not engage in vehicle pursuits.

    Of course they can just go and wait for you at home :)

    I have lane split past police cars numerous times, and they don't seem to worry. I do only tend to lanesplit with stop traffic and only go around 10-15 klicks an hour which probably helps.

    I have heard if you have L's/P's on, no matter how small the infringement they will pull you up. Just to give you the caution talk before you get too cocky.

    Of course amazingly I've never been pulled over yet, not even for random breath test when I go past them. (knock on wood).
  5. I pass them on the freeway all the time, I figure by the time they notice me they wont be able to catch the plate and since they are stuck in traffic they wont be able to catch me....
  6. bwahahaha! I had a similar thing the other morning splitting down Cleveland St. I knew I wasn't going to make it to the top of the intersection, cos a white van was too close to the middle of the lane, so I figured I'd squeeze in just behind it. Of course, the white van had POLICE decals all over it, not visable over car roofs, so there's me sitting in full view of both his mirrors, trying to look as pretty and innocent, and as busy adjusting my gloves, as I possibly can.

    Had a close call on Chalmers St last night on way home from work too - opened up the throttle, weaved around parked cars only to notice a police car stopped 2 cars in front... *batters eyelashes* lol
  7. And when I used to live in Newtown, 2-3 years ago now, every day to/from work I used to lanesplit down king street. And with the cop station there, went past cop cars numerous times.

    I remember a mate of mine on a CBR got a warning once. His speedo was busted so he was going with the flow of cars. One of them being a cop car. At the lights the cop leaned out and said, "How fast do you think you were goin?". My mate, said "Sorry, I'll slow down". Nothing else happened. That was in King St as well.
  8. i split all the way up springvail road today.. there was a crash right near the eastern freeway..

    only 2 cars deliberately pulled in closer to the lines :D and i passed a motorbike at the start who would of been waiting there for another 15 mins :p

    i split from the right to the left at the end as they were only allowing one lane through at a time, cops didnt mind.. had something better to do this time ;o
  9. From what I have seen "normal" cops don't give a stuff about traffic infringements.
    I would assume that as it was a paddy wagon, they weren't doing traffic patrols. :)
  10. yeah, i pulled in behind them when the traffic started moving and they ended up turning...

    probably a good thing my plate had fallen off again :wink:
  11. I've split with Motorcycle cops many times and exchanged a few pleasantries about the weather and bikes etc in general.
    Never have I been told off or had anything said about splitting or as I prefer to call it Filtering.
    99.99% of the times cops won't do anything as it is sort of "expected" So long as you don't do anything stupidly.
  12. :LOL: :LOL: That is funny . Not that i have come across the boys in blue yet lane splitting but i would have just kept going . Its like speeding then upon seeing a radar slowing down , one word , GUILTY :LOL:
  13. i'm pretty sure they wouldn't have even noticed me had it not been for the sound of my skid :twisted:
  14. Hehehehehehehe
    "FILTERING", I like it a lot
    Gotta tuck that one away in the vocalbulary for later!!!
  15. the other good one is "i was improving my visibility to other road users" :LOL:
  16. FWIW - Jordan and I got pulled up by a motorcycle cop the other day 2 blocks from our house (for a breath test, and a lecture to the "big guy" about not wearing his L-plates). He informed us that he is the only motorcycle cop in the whole area - can't remember the borders of the area but it was surprisingly large and included all of the inner west.