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What to do?!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Paulstar, May 17, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    I have my P's test tomorrow morning at 8am :cool: and i just discovered a slow but fast enough leak in my rear tyre due to a nail :( its a new tyre! lhardly any k's on it :!: so i want to save it if i can.

    Due to the angle that the nail has entered from i dont think a plug will work.

    Apparently there is a goo type formula that is inserted into the tube. Then add air, the good then sticks into any small holes that are there or as they appear and block the air from escaping.

    I want to go get this goo and use it but unsure if this means that i cannot put a tube into the tyre later on. I dont want to waste the tyre its brand new!

    Any ideas guys?

  2. As long as the hole is not on the sidewall you will be able to use a plug if done correctly. Kev. :wink:
  3. Hey,

    Have you any idea if a plug can be used when the nail has not gone in straight? looks to me like it has come in on an angle :shock: i've been reading online...cant seem to find out if plugs can go in on an angle.
  4. A plug properly fitted from the inside can be used almost anywhere on the tread face. It will set you back about $30 if you front up at the bike shop and they do the whole job. Less if you turn up with just the wheel.
    You probably wont get it fixed before 8:00 so do the test using one of "their" bikes.
  5. You can fit plugs from outside on an angle and they will be fine, I have had lousy luck with punctures over the years and have had at least six external fitted plugs last the life of the tyre both front and rears.
    When I first fitted one I went to the Honda dealership to have the tyre replaced and the mechanic had told me that he uses the plugs in his tyres for racing and has never had an issue so if it's good enough for him I am happy with that. Kev.
  6. I recently had the misfortune of a nail in my rear tire. On 1st appearance, the nail was smack-bang in the middle of the tire. However, the repairer (@ PSM) discovered that the nail entered the tire on an angle. Luckily, he was able to save the tire.
  7. If it is a tube tyre just replace the tube.

    The OP mentions a tube on his post.

  8. i think hes saying its a tubeless and wants to turn it into a tubed tyre

    show us a photo of the tyre where the hole is
  9. I got plug's where is sydney are you?
  10. I had a piece of metal (from a peg) in the back tyre whilst riding it home after buying it....most unfortunate? I'd say! It was going in horizontally too, and every time the tyre turned air came out.

    However, it was easily fixed after taking it to Bob Janes Tmart, with a plug and some goopy stuff.
  11. Pass your test? howd you go with teh wheel?
  12. Hey guys

    I ended up borrowing a cbr250rrrr for the test! i did a heap of practise on it and did well all day with the practise tests etc not hitting cones no feet coming down and so on.

    Got on with the real thing, forgot to do a headcheck and stuffed the cone weave completely (four times foot down!) and that massive 15 points! :shock: fail fail fail

    Will be re attempting on next thursday with my own bike :) just got a bit excited and bit too enthusiastic and stuffed it :mad: never mind

    I have not yet taken my bike for a repair :)
  13. Took the biek for a plug, no problems ended up costing me 75$ which i thought was a bit rich? but its in and works and no worries..

    Went back and re did the test and passed with zero points deducted :cool:
  14. good luck with the 2nd attempt! It sounds like just nerves the first time round.

    It only cost me $50 to get a plug.....fyi (in Melbs Bob Jane T-Marts)
  15. Thanks i already passed it :cool:

    It wasnt even nerves the first time it was opposite i got super confident and cocky as is my style :LOL: and yeah assed it up!