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What to do with rolling roadblocks?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CrayolaS7, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. You guys know the situation, driving along at the speed limit, not much traffic and you want to get home and crack open a stubbie. All of a sudden the two cars in front of you decide its a perfect time to practise driving in tandem at 15 km/h below the limit. Splitting is the first go too but sometimes just not possible. There's always the illegal overtake but you need a decent amount of clear road ahead when you're on a 250. Tonight I was in the unfortunate added predicament of being on a divided road and I didn't feel like splitting round a bend in the wet at 80. There was only one solution left: swear loudly into my helmet while flashing my high beam. Finally the red car moved ahead just enough to allow a diagonal lane change in between them before fanging it over the Gladesville Bridge.

    Any interesting stories of similar scenarios the should be shared?

  2. Hahahaha, I love the picture.
    Damned if you do damned if you don't... guess all you can really do is wait until you can pass. Depending on what kind of bike you have, you could try riding off the road and over taking that way. Wouldn't recommend it on a road bike though...
  3. I should also point out that it was drizzling and I was cold due to riding there at midday and then staying later than I intended. People not keeping to the left is my pet peeve when riding. Nothing a hot shower couldn't fix though.
  4. Sometimes you just have to wait :)
  5. Nice paint skills. :)
  6. There was a pretty epic thread that was hanging around just the other week by the title of 'I love splitting', which mainly said that a, splitting will kill you and b, those who think splitting will kill you should tie one end of a long rope to a bridge and the other end around their neck and then jump. There was also one or two posts actually about splitting. You can work it out.
  7. Hahaha, I no problem with splitting, sometimes there just isn't room though
  8. fall back then crack on the throttle.

    if you get enough speed up you can take two mirrors out at once...
  9. What are you doing tomorrow? Going to install my brake lines in the morning then wanna hit up oly park or something for a bit?
  10. Haha I stopped reading that thread ages ago
  11. Wheelie onto the boot of the car and proceed to continue over it's roof onto the clear road on the other side
  12. I had an incident like you describe on the M4 two years ago CrayolaS7. Well, same but different in-so-far--as they were doing 15kph in a 100kph zone (night time on the M4 heading west). What they were doing was creating a large enough "buffer" to have a rolling-start drag race. They didn't do it once or even twice but 4 times and were less than impressed when I had the audacity to overtake them using the breakdown lane. Both cars immediately sped up to overtake my bike and then slowed back to the 15kph in formation to get ready for their rolling start again. What they did manage to do is create a lot of unnecessary traffic and p!ssed off drivers with these antics until they finally left via an off-ramp.
  13. My one and only speeding ticket was due to this unfortunate situation. 2 cars rolling down grand parade well bellow the speed limit. When I finally got the gap I punched the throttle. Of course there was a copper right there. He saw the whole thing and unfortunately I got up to 84 in a 60. No getting out of this one. Just laughed with the cop and told him he was in the luckiest spot possible because I would have been doing the speed limit in about 5 secs as I was commuting and am normally a well behaved commuter. And he was impressed by the grunt of my lil scooter. He told me he saw how slow the other cars were going and saw me waiting for the gap. No lecture on killing kittens just acknowledgment of my bad luck plus $242 and 3 points.
  14. just back off and chill out. riding slower = less wind chill = less cold.
  15. I recommend one of these :twisted:
  16. Nice pic Crayons, I loved it.

    I had one of those moments when I was riding the Mash. Four lanes of traffic including trucks side by side creating a rolling road block in perfect sinc. I hate rolling roadblocks because it kills off the escape routes if anything should go pear shaped, and it also limits the visibility of what's on the road ahead leaving us vulnerable.

    This particular time was unusual in that they really were keeping their speeds exact like they were being controlled by a pace car.

    So I split to the front into the clean air and yep sure enough, a fucking cop car was in the right lane that I didn't see because of the trucks.

    So imagine a wall of traffic with a cop car a hundred metres ahead and little old me stuck in no mans land thinking I wonder if anybody has ever split backwards into traffic before?

  17. Problem with that is if you fire at the wrong time and take them out the mess left on the road may make it impossible to pass.
  18. Going between them when they're side by side is be safer than waiting for the car in the right lane to be slightly ahead and darting between them at that point - as they may cut in front of the other car to let you through.
  19. Best thing to do is sit back, relax and swear into your helmet.
  20. phucking phunny, but I know how you feel, I did the same at a set of traffic lights, timed it to the exact moment and hit the line just as the lights went green.. quick look left and right and I was through, a minute later I was showing the local roger my licence and trying to explain that what I did was LEGAL.