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Featured What to do with parking like this?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by CBR800, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Quite new to commuting with a motorbike and not sure about the etiquette for motorcycle parking in such case. When presented with a tandem parking space, how should we park?

    1) if I get there first can I park on the front side and prevent another bike from using the space?
    2) If I park on the inside and there's a bike at the front, can I move his bike to get my bike out?
    3) If I park at the front does that mean I give consent for the bike behind to move my bike so they can get out? Hence, when I park I can't lock the wheels or use a wheel lock?

    Hope you guys can shed some light on this. I've been trying to avoid parking my bike in places like this.

    Thanks heaps :)

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  2. Ooooh, I'm going to watch this thread with interest! I still don't know where to bike my bike and parking etiquette. :wideyed:
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  3. I would say the etiquette is:

    1: You don't move someone else's bike.
    2: You don't block people in.

    So in your picture you can' park there, all three of those bikes can get out without touching the other person's bike. If you park they can't
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  4. Nobody moves someone elses bike EVER,well a mate moved mine away from a petrol bowser when the inside and outside que was huge.Thats fine,but never without your consent and you watching at the least.Stupid arrangement,unless your with another bike that comes and goes with you.
    I would be parking on the outside and locking the bike and crapping myself while I am away incase some imbecile tried getting past.Just to add thats leaving the back spot empty with me in the front,stupid arrangement looking for major trouble.Edited this a couple of times,NEVER park someone in either.
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  5. Exactly what CJVFR said.
    It's worth repeating too. Never touch someone elses bike without their permission.
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  6. With CJVFR on this one.

    Don't touch another bike and leave room for them to get out.

    Mmmmmm nice Triumph in the picture though.
  7. So it looks like all they've done is make a general spot for bikes without thinking it through. I'm glad to hear it's not okay to move someone else's bike. I know my little buzzy toy is not worth much but I love it to bits and would be really, really displeased if someone touched it.
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  8. I wouldn't be to keen on someone I don't know moving my bike, and with the minimum of the steering lock on it restricts the direction it can be moved with out lifting it (its a tad over 200 kg anyway), I would suggest find another spot to park.
  9. Yeah, agree with GoldenberriGoldenberri - Looks like a very poorly designed parking spot for motorcycles. :/

    Yeah, I wouldn't park there to avoid get parked in/park someone else in...
  10. Thanks guys. Really cleared up some uncertainties :)

    yes, it seems the bike spaces pretty randomly assigned. There were other spots like the pic I took which had 4-5 bikes in it. That's why I thought it was strange bikes were blocking others in, hence my assumption the bikes inside can move the front bikes to exit. I did take an empty space that is wide enough for just 1 bike and parked on the front side :)
  11. Now if someone moved the Craptiva, you could reverse angle park 6 bikes in there easily...all with instant exit. Go paint yellow lines all over that car parking spot at night problem solved. :whistle:
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  12. #12 smileedude, Mar 2, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2015
    3: Park in a way that fits the most bikes in the area.

    There is a fine art to not being too close to the bike next to you and not too far away to waste space. But as a general guide all bikes in a parking area should be able to take their bike off its kickstand and roll it out vertically without being obstructed.

    Also if there was nowhere else to park, I wouldn't say the spot pictured is a no no. There is potentially room for the bikes at the back to filter through if you park on the outside of the spot (it's hard to gauge this from the photo). You would have to take into consideration the ease of reversing for the car as well.

    This might freak out the OCD among you but it might also be wise to park in nose first so your angle allows a wider path for the two bikes at the back.

    Common sense is the key.
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  13. Poor parking.

    But how about this...

    Park it blocking the bikes BUT leave a well visible note with your phone if the guys will need to get out.
    I would be ok to give you a call and wait a few minutes for you to move your bike.

    Not sure if this actually is a reasonable option though.
  14. Expect some retard to try and move your bike and drop it in the process

    Expect to get bashed or worse in a deserted car park with no witness around, if it's my bike and I catch you in the process

    It doesn't imply consent, but the dope manhandling your bike won't care

    I've had bad experiences with motorcycle parking where there are no defined bays, So i just don't use them.

    If you have some shitter you don't really care about then it probably doesn't matter, but I have nice things and look after them well and there are just to many shit bags around with no respect for other peoples property.
  15. Maybe I'm optomistic, but it looks like their is enough space to do that already. You just need everyone on the same page.
  16. Ah well there's tge problem right there. Most people can't even agree on whether a dress is, for e.g, white/gold or blue/black!
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  17. The only change to any of the rules noted above IMO is if this is a work car park, and you might know the other riders and bikes.
    I agree that there's probably enough room to fit another bike in, without being at risk from the car in the next space, or from the other riders.

    If it was a shopping centre, then there's no way I'd park in the fourth space as its bound to be hit or moved by one of them.
  18. Agreed - however if you block me in I figure you have given me permission to move your bike so I can get out.
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  19. You also need to allow for the car doors , so i'd say that 3 bikes is max for that spot.
    As tempting as the 4th spot is it would cause too much grief.

    Some wise words.... Don't run your hands over my bike and i wont run my bike over your hands...
  20. Touching some one elses bike can be very unhealthy, They might think you are stealing it,

    If you find some one sitting in your car, Would you be happy about it, Same applies to a bike, Dont touch it,

    The easiest way, Find some where else to park,