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What to do with my spare time?! Priorities!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Arran, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. I commute on my motorbike Monday to Friday so when I have time on my hands of a weekend really don't feel much like getting out in the country for a ride... Or a least that was the case.

    I have a good friend (Captainmorgan) who has just purchased his first motorbike (good on you son!) and even though he'll be riding a piss-ant 2 fiddy I feel like taking him out on some good half-day or full-day rides.

    BUT, I also love my cycling (road and MT8) and feel torn between twisting the throttle and turning the cranks when the opportunity arises to get out and about.

    Does anyone else feel torn between riding the motorbike and doing something else in their free time? Or am I the only one without clear priorities?
  2. You do your thing & send him out with netriders
  3. What now?
  4. I just gave up competitive cycling to ride the motorbike.
  5. same love riding my bicycle and theres always that question. it happens with budgeting too. "how much for bike, and how much for bikesickle" :LOL:
  6. I love motorcycling and cycling in equal amounts, not being able to do either for a couple of months is driving me crazy.. :cry: :shock:
  7. Not really. Not much better than riding... :grin:
  8. Bicycle's cost money? :shock: :?

    I ride daily a 15 year old mountain bike. Was parked in the shed past ten years, pulled it out a few months ago, have since bout new front brake pads and tyre and its been sweet. Gear change is rough as- requires jiggling, the steering bearing are worn out, and twiches all over the place and generally looks like rusty shit.

    It's by far the worst looking bike on Uni campus- and that's saying something for uni students. I'm planning to customise it as a rat bicycle of sorts- I've got a can of $8 fluro yellow car touch up paint I'm going to customise it with. The current coat is dark green, so should come up shockingly ugly :) Not sure how else I can make it look terrible, I'm sure something will come up.

    But point is, I wouldn't get anywhere quicker or have more fun on a $1000 bike or even a $300 bike. Sure if I was racing it might be nice to have something a bit more trick, but it's more limited by the capabilities of the rider than anything- I'm about as quick on my cycle on most roads as I am on my 660. I'm sure this bike could handle off-road pretty decent too.
  9. I actually have far more money tied up in Bicycles!... But that's what I do for a living.
  10. Diversification and choice is what makes life so much fun - be boring if every bugger rode a motorbike....

    Surfing is heaps of fun, a few mates get together often and we also go away a few times a year. My son is now also getting into it, pretty cool having father and son on the same wave :cool:

    Whereas this weekend, it's the Ulysses trip up to Stanthorpe via Inverell and find a few dirt roads on the way :cool:
  11. I used to have all my money in bicycles, when it was what I did for a living also. I've had bicycles worth more than my new motorbike :shock: .Out of that game now, thank God!
  12. ride by day, dance by night, meditate in the gaps in between - no conflict :wink: :grin:
  13. carri's got it right, except the riding bit is likely to get bigger now she's bought a Hornet :LOL:
  14. Haha. I like your style!
  15. Yep!! I play many sports (well haven't that much lately as I've been on the bike at every opportunity) and my main sport is tournament paintball...

    Now that the snow season's upon us I'll probably start hitting the slopes on the weekends and get back into snowboarding... :grin: I'm like you Arran, I commute 350+ km's a week so I get more than a fix come the weekend... but most weekends I'm out on the bike anyway!!

    Next few months I'm hoping to be doing a lot of sports and activities off the bike but will probably get to and from all of them on my bike :wink:
  16. I dont so much feel torn between interests but i do sometimes wish i had more time to ride the bike... Its not at the top of my priorty list.

    Do whatever you want to do with your time, im sure your mate will survive by himself. And im sure you can fit in a short ride with him every now and again.