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What to do with fuel lid when filling up

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Nug-Nugget, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. I've always put my fuel lid on the ground when filling up. With the VTR250 the key is locked into the lid until the lid is replaced into the fuel tank (I'm not sure if other bikes are like this). So I leave the lid with the key facing the ground, but there must be a better way, anyone?

  2. My fuel cap is on a hinge so it stays attached to the bike when open. I assumed all others were like that but I guess not.

    Sorry can't help really. I'd probably just pop it in the ground too like you're doing.
  3. leave it on top of the bowser? not like you'll forget it seeing the key is locked in
  4. I keep my bike keys on those lanyard things you see people wearing around their necks for IDs etc, and larks head knot them around the bars when riding.

    The 9 has a hinged fuel cap, but on the DR I just unlock the cap and let it hang from the lanyard. Sounds like it has a similar mechanism to yours, must be locked to remove the key.

    I'm looking for plan B however, because I've ordered a larger tank, and it doesn't come with a locking cap, (although at $30-40 from the US I might just get one).
  5. I have a VTR250 and this is what i do.
  6. the real question is which glove do you remove first to unlock the tank? :bolt:
  7. Yeah what's with that? I'm new to riding and the 'which glove first' seems to be an inside joke that I haven't been admitted to yet.
  8. Just wondering where you put your helmet ????
  9. My helmet goes on the righthand side mirror (Honda Hornet). I used to do this on a CBR600F1 as well, but found that a Ducati 748 - it's mirrors were at a too low an angle to hang the helmet on the right mirror.
  10. Handy place for the lid maybe. Least if they steal your helmet they get the keys and cap as well. Then you get a whole new toy and lid.
  11. It sounds like the top of the bowser is the way to go.

    RE: which glove to take off first. I believe a lot of newbies were asking which glove to put on/take off first when it doesn't really matter.

    RE: where to put your helmet, I hang it off the pillion foot peg so that if drops the impact isn't too heavy.
  12. Same here for the pillion footpeg. Don't like hanging the helmet from the mirror, and on the handlebar it's in the way when fueling up. So pillion footpeg it is.

    As for the fuel cap, having a cruiser, I have a large seat area (for my fat arse), so I just put the cap, with the key still in it, on the seat. Always under my eye.... :p Paranoid about someone trying to get the key to my bike!
  13. As for the helmet, I keep it on my head. I've been doing the epump thing for the last couple of months and I think its working out quite well with the 4-8c discount and the frequent flyer points. Mostly its just for the convenience and the fun of watching other peoples reactions while I 'steal' the petrol.

    I guess you all know this already but I do recall our Ls instructor really emphasising the importance of looking after your helmet. He insisted that often the best place was to put it on the ground. I realise there are problems with doing that, but it does make some sense if you think about it. It stuck with me after he said something like "I even see these guys with their fancy Shoei helmets hang them off their mirrors!". I didn't even know what a Shoei was, LOL.

    (Ended up buying one, after reading about them on here and trying on a bunch of others)
  14. And its much safer on than off. I try to never remove my helmet at all. ;)

    (Where's that beige.racer?)
  16. I have a VTR250 as well and I just hold the cap in my left hand and fill up with the right...
  17. Must admit, I never quite got the point of putting my helmet on the ground, especially at petrol stations. As far as I'm concerned it's safer on my mirror than it is in the pool of petrol/oil on the ground.
  18. My hose is bigger, I need both hands.
  19. Here's a related n00b question... does getting petrol on your paint ruin it in any way?

  20. General answer is 'Yes'.
    But it won't hurt if you do it once/twice. Modern paints are quite strong.