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What to do with crazy cagers???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by supernatural_18, May 16, 2008.

  1. Hey,
    I know i havent posted on here much.
    Well i was riding my VTR250 the other day through Doncaster.

    Was in the left hand lane, and this piece of **** white hatchback pulls up next to me, he takes a look at me and then merges straight in front of me. No indicator, nothing. He knew i was there, and even looked in his review mirror and laughed afterwards.
    I was pretty shocked so didnt do much more than shake my hand at them. Then passed them down the track and they turned and looked, waved and laughed.

    What the hell? Are these people on drugs? I dont know them, and certainly hadnt cut them off / given them reason to be angry, they werent from my line of traffic.

    What should I do? Go to the cop shop? I have their rego. Am tempted to call that Hoon hotline in victoria.

    Frustrated rider,
  2. Well, the responsible thing is to report their car registration plate to the relevant author... HAHAHA JUST KIDDING!

    Clone their number plate, stick it on a white hatch-back, and drive past a speed camera at limit +30km/hr.
  3. There are so many psychos out there on the roads, As long as nobody got hurt and nothing got damaged, I just swear it off and forget about it. Happens so often, there's no use wasting energy fretting.
  4. Haha yeh im very tempted, if only i knew someone with a similar car.... :twisted:
  5. Thats normally my attitude, if the person accidentally does it or just isnt paying attention etc... its sucks but whatever.
    But these people didnt need to change lanes, they pretty much tried to hit me... Surely thats an offence? They showed no remorse or signs of apology.
  6. Post their number plate.

    Some of us don't just ride bikes...

  7. thats an awsum idea
  8. it is frustrating but LEGALLY... I don't think you can do anything more than reporting it to the cops. Not good for blood pressure. I know this from experience many many times (the high blood pressure part)

    Illegaly.... lots of things. All good for lowering blood pressure and a good nights sleep. but not recommended
  9. stick a smoke bomb under the car.
  10. Ride with a video camera mount all the time. Then you have evidence ;)
  11. In my experience there is not much the police can do, and in most cases with prioritising their workload, they would never actually look at it. I would just notch it up as a learning experience, accept the fact that there are :jerk: out there, and the next time you see their car superglue their windscreen wipers...
  12. There's really not much you can do, and IMO it's not worth doing much anyhow.

    It's all a matter of attitude; don't let others decide how your day will go ... this is a total stranger, why should you give a stuff? Oh, and make sure you ride defensively.
  13. Dob them in for being a hoon, being defectable and for having a smoky vehicle.

    If you ring the cops and tell them someone tried to kill you on the road, they'll tell you there's nothing that can be done.

    Ring the transport authority and tell them someone ripped a skid up your street and they'll send SWAT.

    If you report them for having a smoky vehicle they're required to take it in for inspection, same with the hoon and defectable vehicle thing. Even if they dont get taken off the road, they still have to take the time to go to the inspection, which would be annoying as hell.
  14. Better still report them on the terrorism hotline for photographing key infrastructure.
  15. Welcome to the world of traffic through the eyes of a motorcyclist.
    Of course, It's OUR fault, for not predicting the stupid antics of these cagers. :roll:
    You'll soon learn to use your instincts.. You have to !
  16. +1 ... not everybody's approach, but as long as I'm fine I put it down to Karma telling me to chill out, slow down and ride a bit more considerate on my own hoon days ... then again, could be credit that can be used for just such a hoon day :wink:
    Seriously ... doesn't anyone here have good experiences with cagers? Example - was going down the middle on the way home yesterday & came up to 2 cars who'd left a gap too small to get through. Plonked myself behind them and was quite content to wait there ... next thing I know they both turned their wheels and moved out of the way ... unreal ... didn't know where to turn for the thank-you nod :)
    Just saying ... there are nice ones out there ... and maybe their numbers are increasing?! Up to us as well to make that happen I guess ...[/b]
  17. We (as in, the entire human race) really only notice the bad things that happen. And it's a lot more fun and entertaining to bag out the minority of bad riders/drivers/pedestrians/dictatorships/democracies than it is to praise the overwhelming majority of good ones.

    Edit: I'll put in an exemption for any motorcyclists living in Canberra. I don't know how you guys last a week in there, given the number of near-misses my friends and I had in our last 4 day visit. :p
  18. Just it ignore it...get on with your riding, and enjoy it. After all...who's on the bike! :)
    This is going to happen from time to time for the rest of your riding career, so don't get too hung up on this one incident.

  19. Haha all good ideas. Guess i wont bother going to the cop shop.

    Thanks guys
  20. Dont worry, in the end, the universe tends to unfold as it should.