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What to do with cagers on moblie phones??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sweeris, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. The other day heading into the city on nepean hwy at about 4pm. I was quite annoyed when I as a guy in a convertable saab with the roof down(i think). He was trying to find/dial a number on his mobile while he was trying to go straight in his lane... He didnt use hands free either..

    I know the most sensible thing to do was just keep an eye on him and traffic ahead of him.. A thought just came into my mind that maybe I should just annoy him so he would at least pull over or hang up... So I pull up next to him and 2clicks down with the gears. My bike was running at about 11000revs and he looked like he couldnt hear anything else except my bike. So he had to hang up. When he hung up I just cruise past...

    What prompted me to do this was about 6months back. I had a friend who got hit head on from a cager on the wrong side of the road and on a mobile phone with no hands free... luckily we wasnt riding... He went into hospital with a broken leg and a badly bruised knee...
  2. amen to that
  3. Hahahaha, gold! I do this offen when Im on my way to work and see tools on there phones! It was more fun with the old R6 though, it had a leo vince pipe that rang out at 109Bd at 8,000rpm. So even with the window up they still had problems.
  4. Take a tube of KY with you in your pocket and gesture meaningfully at their phone with it.
  5. hands free

    im not sure if anyone has herd or not but i did today from inside info that even with hands free stuck in your ear as of next year some time you will cop-a-fine unless you are on blutooth or car kit.
    i too had a knob with ipod in both ears, dewy (frosty) windows , didnt even look in review mirrors move into my lane.
  6. Grow up kiddies, everyone I know has talked on a mobile while driving, hell sometimes I even text! You gotta place yourselves on the road better, you are also a d1ck if you get hit.

    When you stop speeding, then you can biatch about other law breakers!
  7. Ok Ok i was only sating a point that the law is going to change.
    Also who mentioned anything about speeding.

  8. I use the horn - but only if they are so un-multi-talented that they can't hold phone to ear, steer, change gears and indicate while driving around a corner in a lane about to end... that's when I'm in the car :mad: .

    When I'm on the bike I'm much more Zen - I create my space, I protect my space, I am aware of all [-o<

    And i avoid traffic as often as possible!!
  9. :LOL: I used to have fun with that too, my baby blade has a Megacycle and is pretty bloody loud so whenever a cager would be swerving all over the place or not even watching where they're driving then a few big revs with the clutch pulled in usually ended their call abruptly :twisted:

    Johnny, it's not about the "against the law" thing that I got pissed off with when riding, it was the whole swerving all over the place or driving half half in 2 lanes or shit like that coz the cager on the phone obviously wasn't experienced/skilled enough to be able to drive their car safely and talk/text on their phone at the same time. If someone can do both without them being a danger to everyone else on the road I couldn't care less...
    At the moment I can't ride/drive so if someone hits Jadey's car coz they can't drive & talk at the same time it'd be appreciated coz it's in much need of an upgrade :wink:
  10. I know alot of people do this when filtering and see somone on the phone in a STATIONARY car, but is it very wise to do it at the speed limit? I mean, he is driving all over the road and can't stay in his lane........ so you pull up next to him........ good idea?
  11. I don't do it when filtering coz most of the time they're on or over the line, I used to mainly do it when they finally pulled up to a set of lights and still talking on the phone and not paying any attention to lights or traffic etc.

    If a car's swerving all over the place I normally wait til they've come to a stop til I go past...
  12. You just lost my vote :evil:
  13. You sir, are an inconsiderate c*nt who deserves nothing more than to meet the nasty end of a shotgun. My brother now has a big purple scar up his leg 9 inches long and my sister may never be able to give birth thanks to someone like you who thinks it's ok to text/talk while driving.

    Before you start the "I bet your brother was filtering at 80kph, he deserves it" argument, he was going through a roundabout at 40kph when some mole in a camry approached from the left and failed to stop. The bumper shattered and destroyed his leg, and my sister was thrown 8 feet into the air and landed directly on her pelvis. My brother is lucky he can still use his leg, my sister is unlucky enough not to know the extent of her injuries until she tries for a family. All for the sake of some inconsiderate biatch's mobile phone conversation that was SO important she couldn't pull over and talk, she had to do it whilst driving her child to school. Think of how that kid felt when my brother was calling his mother all the names under the sun with near on a foot of flesh hanging off his leg. That was right before he staggered over to his 16 year old sister to see if she was still alive and if the gash in her head was just a bad cut or a broken f*cking skull.

    He lost his wages for 6 weeks as was on casual wages at the time. He got evicted because he couldn't pay his rent. Moved back home with mum and dad for a bit to get back on his feet, both literally and financially.

    My sister couldn't work for 6 months due to debilitating back pain, couldn't finish year 12 thanks to not being able to sit or stand stationary for more than half an hour at a time, couldn't sit exams, now has to repeat year 12 at SOME point when she can find the time and money to do it.

    Pull your fcuking car over if you're going to talk on the phone.

    Rest assured, if you talk/text whilst driving and I ride past, you'll be either buying a new phone if your window is down or nursing a bill for a new side mirror if the window is up.

    Get out of the car and you'll be paying hospital bills, biatch.
  14. Sorry mate but placing yourself on the road better doesn't always help you escape dickheads holding a phone to their ear or texting. This is a sore point for me given that I'm someone who had his car written off when going through a roundabout by someone glued to his phone. I have zero tolerance for that crap. Oh yeah sure - there's nothing wrong with it is there...until you're on the receiving end of said morons inattention :roll: But of course, according to you, its the victim's fault they get t-boned, right?
  15. My old phone was a flip phone, and I used to check it for messages as I was riding along :LOL: :LOL:

    I never do that anymore though - because my current one has a leather case, and you need to hands to take it off :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Lets get some prespective here folks... this whole 'dont talk on your mobile while driving' is one of the most over exaggerated laws ever. For god's sake no one would raise an eyebrow at someone driving with one hand (and the other hand on his gear lever/penis/out the window), nor would anyone care if they were having a very hearty conversation with the occupants of the car (which sometimes involves looking @ them when making those profound points and gauging reactions!) - these things aren't policed, then why is talking on the mobile such a big taboo.

    Inattention is not necessary, nor exclusive to talking on the mobile phone as I know of many who have both hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the sexy girl on the footpath - heck you can have your eyes straight ahead and your mind elsewhere. I have talked on the mobile many times (before the laws came in- afterwards I got a handsfree, not for 'saftey' but to avoid fines) and i can gurantee that there was not even ONE occasion where i put anyone in any extra danger because I was on the mobile.
    What next, "Manual cars are dangerous because they have too many pedals and levers to manipulate which *may* cause inattention on the road"

    Ofcourse - this doesn't apply to texting, which can be extremely dangerous - but, lets be honest, it is only as bad as any other form of driver inattention (rummaging thru CDs, putting on lipstic, sorting out the liluns screaming at the back, checking out hot chicks on the footpath...) which we've all committed at some point in our lives.

    So yeh, if you can't talk on the mobile while driving, you shouldn't be on the road in the first place because you're a danger to everyone you skill less gits. :grin:
  18. and yet it has been shown repeatedly that talking to someone in the car, on the phone (handsfree or not), changing cd etc all have the same effect on your driving performance as a few drinks under your belt.

    Are you now saying that if you can't drive while under the influence you shouldn't have a license? Or perhaps you just haven't seen what happens when people try to drive with the phone glued to the ear. You and Johnny O deserve to share the same cell in hell reserved for all the other arrogant bastards in this world who believe that they are above average drivers.
  19. goodness. my sig' is apt right about now. :p
  20. Yeah, as has been pointed out already, there's good solid reseach to show that being on the phone is as dangerous as being drunk. Want to say 'harden up - if you can't avoid drunk drivers it's your own fault'? Being on the phone is more of a reduction of attention than either doing something else with one hand or having a conversation in the car, because it takes your attention elsewhere. I'm generally all for the 'do what you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else' philosophy - but it's basically 100% that being on the phone *does* hurt someone else, or have the strong potential to.

    Those saying it's OK need to take a good hard look at themselves.