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What to do with a Yamaha xv1100....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by sketchypip, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys I'm a first time user of these forums and also relatively new to the bike world. I'm looking for some ideas for my recently purchased Yamaharley as the topic implies. I'm actually after a GSX_R 750 or similar but the price was right for the xv1100 so i'll work with what I have for now.

    Basically the Yam is ugly and more in keeping with a mid life crisis. I want to do something different with it that reflects my age (26) but within a budget. I'm very seriously thinking about either cafe racer or minimalist rat rod matt finish everything sorta style but cant seem to find any previous projects or places to start.

    If anyone could help me out with some pics or links or even wild and wacky ideas to motivate me it would be much appreciated.


  2. there is a guy here that did his own "deus" style cafe racer mod.just recently and it came out great!!!

    search button "deus" will probably find it.
  3. Basic shape on the XV doesn't really lend itself to caff racer styling but you could give it a go, sorta Vincent style (V with stressed member engine).

    Alternatively, go for flat, drag bars and rearset footrests, chuck away all the tacky chrome covers, cut down the guards as far as you dare and give it a satin or matt black paint job.

    Have a look in any late 80s/early 90s issues of AWOL or Back Street Heroes from the UK for inspiration. Lots of custom bikes in there that don't conform to the Live to Ride concho bollocks that infests the world today.

    A mate had a seriously minimal XV750 that looked really good. No reason why the 1100 shouldn't work well too.
  4. Yeah the cafe racer thing was really an idea and nothing more because as you say the Yam doesnt really lend itself towards that style.

    However as I take more crap chrome off, the better the thing looks so I may not have to do a great deal more with it to look good. Dunno about cutting the guards back as the chassis runs up and and over the rear wheel to hold the seat, etc and would probably look quite gay without it. I think I'll just take off all the shizer I dont need and tinker a few bits to make it pretty.

    Cheers for the advice guys, always appreciated.