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What to do whilst your bikes in for service

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mad Marty, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. OK thought I'd start this one cause basically I'm in a different state I'm waiting for my ride to be serviced... And well basically I'm bored shirtless :rolleyes:

    So activities so far have included : caught up on Facebook, caught up on NR forums. Getting a counter lunch down a pub 5 doors away, currently sitting at a bar a beer in one hand and phone in the other. ;)

    Help me out here I could have a few more hours to kill ! :(
  2. well you could probably put your shirt back on for starters,
  3. Well that would just kill all the excitement raised :eek:
  4. you could try designing an ashtray or stubby holder for the steed:geek:
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  5. Put your helmet on and make Brmm Brmm noises.
    Chat up the local talent.
    Get a haircut.
    Buy an outrageous shirt in multiple eye watering colours.
    Start an political argument.
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  6. Take the loaner out for a spin.
    You DID get a loaner didn't you ?
  7. No loaner :( minor service + new front pads (about 1/8 of meat left, would not of got me home .. I'll wait till I return for streety to do the other bits
  8. Have a wank, when I was in Europe I tried to have a wank in each town, it was a bit embarrassing for my wife on the trains and buses though
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  9. :eek:possibly TMI there... :bolt:
  10. Did you go (or come?) here?

  11. I normally hop on public transport, head for the nearest cinema and catch up on the latest release movie that features lots of things blowing up :)
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  12. Oil your leathers.