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What to do while waiting for L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bcurko, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys at netrider my names Brenton and i am happy to say i am a complete newbie at motorcycles and can't wait to go for my L's next year and hopefully purchase a motorcycle.

    I am 15 next month and so as you know i still have quite a while to go before NSW law permits me to go for my L plates. In the mean time i was wondering what i should do?

    Should i start reading up on any guides or start looking at motorcycles?

    I was looking at the Hyosung 250 but after a lot of negative quarrels with it I'm kinda leaning towards something a bit more reliable which hopefully with the help of you guys i will succeed.

    So anyways just thought i might say hi :D

    PS the only motorbike i own is a 125cc Orion trail bike kiddie i know :(

    Cheers Boys/Girls

  2. Welcome, ur still a youngin' haha, nah good on ya.
    Before i got my licence i decided to grab a heap of motorcycle magazines and read up and learn on every model, engine types, DIY stuff basically. I was and still am a huge car nutter and the only thing i knew about bikes was Ninja, R1, GSXR :)

    As for the Hyo, dont bother, when you get ur licence you could pick up a few year old current ninja 250.

  3. Hmmm I just got my L's a couple of weeks ago and my bike last week. Prior to that I had no knowledge or idea at all. This place was VERY useful to me, a lot of tips and good explanations on techniques etc. Also, one guy on on youtube has some videos on how to start the bike, chnge gears, counter steer etc etc as a brand newie i found it very helpful..... but, you already have a bike, so i think you'd know how that all works...
    Good luck!
  4. I got into bikes relatively late so I envy you for all the extra years of riding you are going to have.

    Spend the time researching everything including safety gear, insurance, reliability of various models and maintenance costs. I know some of these things can be extremely boring but it will mean you will be able to spend more time riding than having to try to find the money to fix something on your ride.

    Go into every bike shop and accessory store, try on every helmet and ask a thousand questions. You'll find people that are keen to help you and others that will be keen to see the back of you (when they know you are not ready to purchase). Then you'll also know where to spend your money when the time comes.

    Last of all despite your offroad experience be sure sure to take it easy till you've got a fair bit of road/traffic experience under your belt. Ride within your limits and road conditions and you'll enjoy riding for at least the next 40years.

    Good luck
  5. read and read and read and then when its time to get something you will be pretty specced up on what is out there and what you want. look into riding books and on here so you can learn what is good to do out there. check out a few different bikes so when it is time to get one you will have more selection and consider the cost of servicing on each one you look at as i guess you aren't on $100k a year yet.
    if you buy a hyosung i will hunt you down and blowtorch your nut sack.
    and lastly - welcome.
  6. +1 to everything here.

    I've been looking at getting a bike for over a year now, and finally, mine is being delivered this morning. :)

    I went into numerous bike shops, talking to sales people, trying on gear, looking, touching, with no intention to buy. Bike magazines are pretty good too, ecspecially if they are doing an article on learner bikes or LAMS, but that's pretty rare.

    And of course, Netrider. While I have mainly been a reader, not really a poster, there is alot of useful information floating around here.

  7. Thank for all the replies guy i will take your advice :D Any specific bike mag's that i should read more so then others?

    Cheers Brenton
  8. I like AMCN Australian Motorcycle News, good bike comparo's in there. Also Rapid is good cause it features peoples rides and they are generally modified which is good. Theres heaps, even internet sites for specific brands like gixxer.com, ninja....com, if you want to find great info on them type of bikes.
  9. Buy a dirt bike.
    125 or something
    Big FUN!
  10. already own a 125 cc dirtbike lol thanks for the thought though.
  11. I think he meant a decent 125. But what you've got is just as good.

    If i was you and i probably was, just start looking at mags/websites and within a few months you'll be pretty well educated and be looking forward to riding a motorcycle.

    Here lies the hard part though. You'll have to wait what seems like a long time before your actually aloud to ride. But you've got it pretty good having a trailie. So just enjoy riding that around in the meantime.

    Also make sure after all your waiting that your parents aren’t not going to allow you to go for you license.
  12. Question is the legal age for your L's in NSW 16 years and 9 months or higher?
  13. Hey Brenton welcome to the madhouse
    Mate keep riding the dirtbikes the skills you will learn are invaluable.
  14. Hey Brenton,

    Welcome and yes in NSW Ls are 16 & 9mths. Look here:


    As for the bike, dont forget the gear too :grin: You'll need to consider your overall budget - gear + bike. Quite a variety of gear (price and protection) and bikes vary from older second hand to newer LAMS bikes with quite a price range.

    To give you an idea .... look in the budget sticky:

    Lots of other threads on what bike to buy too so go have a look at all the advice right here for real world opinions of low end bikes.