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what to do?which new bike cbr1000rr vs gsxr750 vs ducati 848

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by christian1441, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. im facing a little dilema. I'm looking at upgrading from my 07 r6, now my original choice was a k7 gsxr750 but now my mate has offered me his 06' cbr1000rr only done 1400kms and is almost brand new for $12500. Yet i still think the new 848 is an awesome bike and my old man thinks thats the go,even though they are $23k. Im leaning towards the cbr cause i think the changeover from my bike will be relatively cheap and a good opportunity to upgrade to a 1 litre cheaply,then in a years time i might be able to find a used 848 or 1098 for a reasonable price.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    p.s does anyone want an 07 spec red and white r6 done 4000km?

  2. If you really aren't happy with your bike go testride them all thats the only way you will know.
  3. its not that im unhappy with it,its an outstanding bike and i love it,i just want a change and some more grunt
  4. Did you try changing the gearing for more acceleration?
  5. thats always an option,but the only problem with the r6 is low down torque.
  6. Is the bike stock?
  7. The CBR 2006 was the best bike I've ridden.

    If there's only 4000k on your R6 though, you probably should get the Ducati, you seem more like a Ducati owner than a Honda owner. :p
  8. and whats that meant to mean?
  9. you wouldnt even know your r6 after 4000kms....
    ducati owners are renowned for their lack of kilometres :LOL:
  10. oh ok,thanks for the heads up. i love my r6 and i think its a great bike i just like change and thought the cbr might be a good chance to ride something different for a while.Im also in the car industry and i understand that bikes and cars depreciate and therefore i only buy low km bikes and i dont keep them for very long so i dont lose much money.
  11. The CBR's a balltearer, and at that price I'd be making it happen. Let me know when it's got 8500k on it and I'll buy it off you for ten grand :grin:
  12. it sounds like a pretty good deal doesnt it? i certainly thought it did
  13. Takes a good 10,000kms in all conditions to begin to get a really intimate good feel for a bike where bike + rider really start working together in ways which you just can't develop with less time on the thing.

    Low down grunt eh? Considered a Triumph 675? Mine will accelerate up a hill in 6th from 40kph. It's got more low-down grunt than my old 2000 model R1 had, and more nimble than the R6 if that's your thing.

    The Ducati 848 would be in the same ballpark, but a lot more exxy.

    The CBR1000 you've got your eye on is a great deal. Top-end litre-bike power is addictive and fun, but you've gotta be realistic and ask yourself how often you'll make use of it since litre bikes really come into their own over the 600's above 200kph. Still would be a great road bike though, but just understand that while the power is addictive, it's also largely useless. I get about on my 675 more quickly than I did on the R1, primarily 'cos the usable power (<200kph) is about the same, but the 675 is quicker into, through, and out of corners.
  14. I don't think we're talking about a twisties expert here Stew!
  15. :rofl:
    i get that feeling too.
  16. ______
    |CAFE |
    _____ | ________________ :moped: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  17. maybe im no expert and i never claimed to be,i was just asking everyone for their valued opinion,which unfortunately due to these remarks will be the last time.Why should i waste my time asking your opinions if your only going to riducule me and make silly assumptions. I've done 4400kms on my bike all which have been through the national park and to mount white and back,i get up at 6-7 in the morning on the weekend just to go for a ride before i go to work,ive also booked in for a track day in april so to criticise my commitment and enjoyment i get out of riding is really dissapointing from fellow riders so that feeling you guys are talking about is WRONG i believe! but thanks for your reply flux much appreciated,and in answer to your question i had looked at the 675 and really like them as a bike,i also think that before i make my decision i should probably atleast test ride one to satisfy my curiosity.
  18. dont get all sad matey, its mostly just in jest :)
    you'll fit in if you give as good as you get ;)
  19. Hey dont worry christian , those twisty riders are dickheads anyway.
    You know the one's riding zx9's and r1's and all that , riding up your arse overtaking on double yellow's , mono's , screaming past at mark 7 .They piss me right off !

    Cafe riders are cool and leave all the other shit for the track.