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What to do when...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gunny, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I've been commuting to and from work on my bike recently and today it's been raining all day in Melbourne. On the way home especially. My gear held up really well I was dry as dry could be. My bike on the other hand was obviously saturated. I'm just wondering what the best thing to do with it is? What's the general process, just let it drip dry or should I be wiping it down and perhaps give it a clean when the weather clears up a bit??

    My bike is stored under a cover in my car port out of the rain. Unfortunately the car port is not fully enclosed so my bike does get hit by the cold/hot temperatures and the wind.

    I'm not sure if there is anything about this on these forums so I thought I might ask as I'm still very new to riding.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I usually let it drip dry, chances are its going to get wet again tomorrow when it rains again. I'll wipe it down once every few days if it's been raining.

    Edit: Although note that i'd give the dash a wipe if it is electronic... it should be fairly sealed up but just to be safe...
  3. Hi,
    if the bike is supersaturated one thing that is good to use is a blowervac! I use it after I give the bike a good wash.
  4. bit of spray lube on chain more often.
    wipe the indicators, lights, brake light clean. they cop too much dirty water of the road.
    and check they all work before you get on in the morning.
    i overinflate the tyres a little, every few days, whenever i check them.
    that's all i do.
    sucks to be in Melbourne.
  5. Your bike should be fine - they're made to handle it. But definitely lubricate the chain more often.

    Alternately, if your bike is skinny, bring it inside and park in front of the TV. But maybe noone else in the house would appreciate how much better your bike is to watch than the TV.
  6. I'd love to do this but I don't get home till about 4am most mornings, don't think the neighbors will be to happy haha.

    My original plan was to park it under the house, but access became a problem with our cars in the way and the amount I use the bike (almost everyday) its to much of a hassle getting it out everyday if I did park it under the house.

    I'll just let it drip dry for now and keep toppin up the chain lube, thanks for the input guys it's really helpful for a new rider like myself :)
  7. I prefer to dry mine. If it's super dirty, the hose comes out first.

    Plus the additional chain lube.

    I'm probably just pendantic.
  8. I just leave it...it's a tough little thing and braves all sorts of weathers. Occasionally I give it TLC when I know it isn't going to rain. However chain lube = must.

    I haven't cleaned my bike since end of Feb when a nice NR member cleaned it for me out of boredom.
  9. If your bike is easy to get out every day its also easy to steal. Keep your insurance up to date..
  10. if its carby wouldn't hurt to put some spray lube on the mechanism as well, I generally use that on my old bike which sat outside in the weather, I hit all the moving parts so they wouldn't seize. Prob over the top but just to be sure......
  11. Park bike. Go inside. Pour beer/wine/whatever floats your boat. Feet up.

    Unless you ride home via the shallows along St Kilda beach, the bike will be fine. ;)
  12. cheers for the input really appreciate it :)

    My bikes a ninja 250r, 2009.
  13. Let it drip dry and then wash it on the weekends. That way you get to give it a closer inspection once a week. Lube the chain, spot anything wrong etc. you may wish to give the tank a wipe down (very gently with a soft cloth), but don't do anything else. The lower 2/3rds will be covered in dirt and grime as expected, but wiping it down just drags that dirt over the surface and scratches the bike.

    That's 'my' SOP. Or was, when I commuted.

    Do wash the are of the tank where your legs make contact. This are can get nasty scratches if dirt gets between your thighs and the tank.