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What to do when you get a lowball offer when selling a bike

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Mouth, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. 1.

    476 Boundary Rd, Archerfield = http://www.yimi476.com.au/ Google street view ....
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  2. Nice.

    But yeah, I guess always use a pre-paid SIM card to sell a bike then...
  3. A little bit harsh. Perhaps better just to ignore them rather than lead them on.

    It's only really time wasting if you engage with them.
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  4. I freakin hate the time-wasting lowballing 5h1tbags on the bay and gumtree
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  5. Well deserved I say! Don't look at something you can't afford, thinking the seller will drop their pants for you.
  6. Seems that there are plenty of time wasters and low ballers out there. I'm currently selling my other half's GPX250 and have it advertised for a really good price because we just want to move it on. All I get is low ballers and time wasters. No response to counter offers and the one guy that I told I would take his low ball offer then wants to come and look but doesn't come back to me about a time or anything, best thing is he is still messaging me asking if the bike is still for sale. Maybe I will try something similar to above on the next ridiculous offer I get.
  7. I think you just have to expect low ball offers. It's just the dance you play. You don't get if you don't ask! I think the expectation is for you to counter off & finally end up on a price.

    I think it's a bit rude to low ball if your add says "firm" or "no offers"

    General consensus is that sellers will always ask for a bit more due to haggle room! It sux, but that's life! I don't like paying rego fees or insurance either!
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  8. It's not a bike but I'm getting stupid offers for my jacket (still available). I had a guy call me at 8:30 last night and say he can come get it right now. I told him that it's too late and we can do it the next day. And then he offered a rude lowball offer and wouldn't budge, even when I agreed to meet him half way. Then he got shirty because I didn't want to accept his offer "you have a jacket for sale but aren't accepting my offer. Stop wasting my time." I didn't make the phone call dude.
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  9. I've sold a few road bikes as well as individual parts and gear. The experience has generally been very good. Of course you get the occasional lowball offer, but honestly, it's all been fairly easy.

    However.... when it came to selling my cheap dirt bike..

    I had the honour of meeting just about every oxygen thief in Melbourne. I finally sold it this week. It was like taking a dump after being constipated. Ahhh

    Anyway, off to buy the next bike :)
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  10. My buying and selling of bikes on Gumtree has been great ultimately, although gotta love idiots that say "but I could buy a car for that price". Meh.

    But household goods are a whole other matter - have a whole house of stuff to get rid of over winter - that's gonna be fun....

    On the other hand I hate sellers that say negotiable, you get out there, you like it and want to do a deal and theywon't budge. Just say what you want and stop wasting everyone's time. The options are there - if you are genuinely negotiable, put that. If you are firm or no offers - put that. There are already ways to save everyone hassle, but some people still just want to be ....s.

    I think the guy I bought my current bike off thought it weird I didn't try to bust him down. He was an older bloke, he was asking much less than it was worth, living pretty frugally. Who am I to try and bust him down - good karma. Then sold my old bike for full (decent) price to a great bloke anyway.
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  11. The thing with Gumtree etc that people forget.

    Your stuff is only worth what someone will pay, not what you think it's worth.

    My old man had a second hand furniture store for many years that I helped with while at Uni so I'm used to receiving and offering low ball offers.

    It's just business, so remove the emotion.
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  12. I have sold a few items privately before. Some have been good experiences, others almost scary!

    I almost exclusively ignore offers by buyers unless they have actually seen the vehicle. I never make offers unless in person AFTER inspection.

    I have had a few questionable people come and buy my vehicles though. None the less, for initial inspection I generally meet them at a location close to home but not at my house.

    A friend had a bad experience when politely rejecting a offer from the potential "buyer" then got aggressive, yelling profanities and threatening his wife and children. He then received numerous calls and threats for a few days, but thankfully nothing eventuated. He ended up just trading that car in to move it.

    Be vigilant when selling is my advice
  13. I hear what you are saying. Unfortunately my recent experience indicates that no one wants to haggle. They just offer a low ball and then don't respond to a counter offer. Maybe these people are that stupid that they don't understand how the process works LOL.
  14. Sold 2 bikes in the last 7 months. Got lowball offers but I generally don't even respond. Only took one serious buyer for each, both sold in a week or so.

    And yes I list slightly higher than I want, so I have haggle room.
  15. I guess if you're going to offer money before actually viewing the bike, it'd want to be a lowball offer. I generally take no notice of any offers from people who haven't bothered to come and see it first
  16. One of the things I like about eBay motors is that you can set a price below which lowball offers are automatically rejected.

    Say for example I advertised a bike for $12,000 and I wanted to get $11,000 for it (as the lowest I would go) then I could set it up to reject any offer below $10,000 or $10,500.

    You wouldn't want to set it right at the minimum you'd take though (best off a little below) because people who might come up to that figure wouldn't get to make any offer and you'd miss them as well as the useless offers.
  17. There's a difference between a genuine negotiation and getting low balled. You never expect to get what you're asking for it, but what's annoying is the drive-by 'Hail Mary' offers where they don't really expect to buy it, but they hang a stupidly low offer out there on the off chance that you're desperate to get rid of it. I'm talking like half the asking price, or several grand short.

    In my line of work, you'd politely say that "the parties are too far apart at this stage to negotiate" and, being professionals, everyone gets on with it. On Gumtree, I always decline politely but occasionally they'd get aggressive about it, in which case I don't hesitate to tell them to fcuk off.
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  18. Yes, but that's not to say that the dickhead offering 50% less than you're asking is the only buyer you have. So many times I've had people say "you're dreaming" when I tell them I'm not even going to start negotiating at their lowball offer, only to sell the bike/car/furniture/whatever a couple of days later to someone else for only a little less than the list price.

    Taking emotion out of it only works if both of you do it. I've found a lot of low-ballers get offended when you politely tell them that they're too far off.
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  19. I agree that there is zero point getting emotional when buying or selling stuff.

    Years ago I owned a HZ Holden 1 tonne ute with a factory V8 and factory 4 speed (a rather uncommon combination) and I had it advertised in the Trading Post (when it was still paper).

    This guy comes along and offers an amount, I said no, he said I can buy another ute for that much but I want the V8 and 4 speed and I said that's why it's more expensive. He huffed and puffed and said you'll never sell it for that. A week later it sold (for the asking amount).

    A month later original guy comes around and says "I'm here to buy that ute and I say it sold". He gets all "told you you'd have to reduce the price" and I'm all "nope, got what I'm asking for it and here's the proof".

    THEN he got all abusive, accused me of ripping people off and swearing at me.

    I reckon he really believed the crap he was spouting!
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  20. Idiots and self important wankers who think their world view/opinion is the only one abound unfortunately...
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