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What to do when not feeling the mojo ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ralph, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Today was just one of those days... and curious if others have days like that when riding...

    I just never felt like i got into a rhythm in the corners. I wasn't getting the line or my weight right heading around the corners. I am still finding my way with my newish (3 months) thunderbird. At speed, you really scrap pegs around the corners, which cause a reaction from me, and normally ends up with me stuffing the line through the corner.

    It wasn't like i was running wide or not staying in my lane, i just felt i was correct speed through the corner because the line was off..


  2. It's normal. You'll just have those kind of days. So you back off a bit, ride within yr limits on the day. It may come to you later on or you might have just wait for another day.

    Whatever you do... You don't get frustrated and try to force it and make it happen. That's asking for trouble and a MUCH worse day.

  3. Had this yesterday, and quite often, I end up doing laps of a section.

    Also, keep warm. Warmth and good food, some sugar and a night's rest beforehand help.

    But doing laps of your favorite bit works best.
  4. Hi John ... exactly what I ended up doing that.. took it a bit slower.. certainly was not helped today by the few guys I was riding with - spirited would be an understatement for how they were riding... a couple of times, I just let them go, to be picked up later in ride... hear what you're saying - you can't make it happen.
  5. Rode from Ferntree Gully to Drysdale and back today, morning ride was as OP describes - visited sis, niece and nephews for a couple of hours, climbed back on and my mojo was back...

    I've been riding since I could walk, it happens to everyone at some point - as outlined above, the only thing that is certain if you push it is a catastrophe...
  6. stay home
  7. back it off to around 50-60% and cruise. kick a boot off when the faster riders come up behind you, and just enjoy riding with the scenery going past much slower than usual.

    we all had off days... the skill here is to recognize when it's not flowing, and adjust your pace/attitude accordingly.

    keep it shiny side up! :biker:
  8. Yep, wot 'e said!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. Smart riding, matey. Well done! :)

  10. Nailed it sheppo!!
  11. What Raven, Sheppo and others have said already, some days you got it, some days you ain't, the trick is to be aware of it ... and not everybody is comfortable in all situations .. for me because I do a lot of commuting on the bike, I am very comfortable in traffic, but get my in the hills and I have to warm into it.. that and I ride a cruiser .. it's more like slowmo than mojo
  12. +1 nobby. Since i spend so much time on the bike not going through twisties i have to ease myself into it. First few decent corners i usually run wide and pray that there is no approaching car... then settle down and realise i need to slow down until i get the feel for it again.
  13. Yep!!... I have crap days on the bike.. and I know when I have them. If I feel really off the mark, I just take it easy and head home. I hate doing that, but it's not worth pushing on if I'm not really into it nor enjoying it like I know I usually would do.
  14. Yeah most of my K's would be commuting too, and i always feel like a noob for the first 10-15 mins of the nasho or similar. After that it either comes or I just wave everyone else by and enjoy the ride. A relaxed ride can be just as enjoyable as a spirited one, no one is judging you (unless you are at the track). There is no need to turn around and go home unless you are really feeling like you are a danger to yourself or someone else.
  15. It's been said before by others. The trick is to recognise it and to ride accordingly. Don't push it. If you're feeling particularly bad go home. I've done it before. Headed out for a ride, got 50km into it and decided I was better off at home on the couch watching TV.