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What to do when leaving the bike un-touched for 1-3months

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sweeris, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. I am just wondering what I should do when I'm going to go overseas for about 1-3months (not sure for the period yet).

    Can anyone advise me on what to do?

  2. Best thing to do is lend it to a trusted mate who'll run it around the block once a week.

    Other than that, disconnect the battery (or leave it on a trickle charger), drain the fuel tank, and have somebody rotate the wheels periodically so the tyres don't develop flat spots.
  3. Unhook the battery. DO NOT DRAIN THE FUEL TANK!!!
    Fill it up with normal 91 Octane fuel to the top and turn te fuel tap off.

    If you can get some race stands, get the tyres off the ground and the bike level.

    The problem with draining the fuel tank is:
    1. The residual fuel will quickly evaporate and leave a gum or resin in your motor / lines
    2. The interior of your tank, if metal will oxidise and cause you problems later on
    3. You risk clogging your carbies and have to fork out big time to clean them up.

    For a period under 3-4 months you are far better to fill it right up to ensure little as possible contact with oxygen.
  4. If its only 2 to 3 months absolutely nothing except disconnect the battery and as already said, fill the tank.
  5. Oh, eh, yer right.

    I'd drain it before I ran it again though, petrol goes off.
  6. True, but there are quite a few urban legends around this.

    Normal fuel will last up to 12 months before noticable degredation.

    However in hot / humid climates, where there is a lot of air exposure, it can reduce this time to 4-6 months.

    It will still run, but pretty rough. If stored for more than six months, add a re-enforcing (fuel) agent and run it through in a single ride (preferably).
  7. Re: What to do when leaving the bike un-touched for 1-3month

    Is there anyone you can trust at the campus to at least start it and run it for you ?? Remember what happened last time. If i had the room here you could leave it here, but i am already overloaded in my garage.
  8. i wouldnt worry about the fuel thing. it can be left in there for at least a couple of months without any issues.

    the main thing is to make sure your earth is disconnected; otherwise, put a trickle charger on it
  9. Thanks for the replies.

    I think turning the engine over wouldnt be a problem but riding around the block once a week,,, Im not too sure who can do that for me... Rolling her around shouldnt be a problem either...

    Most likely I'll only be leaving her for just a month (I miss my bike too much :p ).
  10. Yea for such a short time you dont need to worry, just disconnect the battery as some of the others have said, or put it on trickle charge if you have a charger.