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what to do when a bolt has been rounded?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GForce, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. i have 1 bolt is is rounded. it was partly rounded before but the was so damn tight and now i cant get it out. what do i do?

  2. Drill the head off and use an easy out
  3. If you can grab the head with a vice grip you might be able to get it that way or if you can cut or grind a slot in the head and use a big screw driver, failing that then you may need an easyout as Woodsy said.
  4. ......or, get a hacksaw and cut a straight notch on the top of the head and try an impact driver with flat bit to remove it.
    failing that, get cold chisel, belt in to side of head, and flog it around with hammer.
    failing that, vice grips....
    if that doesnt work, woodsy's easy out method :)
  5. Try using a single hex socket or spanner as opposed to the more common multi hex variety.
  6. You may need to apply heat while you use a vice grip. Never underestimate the power of the blue tongued spanner.
  7. Is that the same as a reverse threaded bolt? If so, then I too think this is an excellent solution.

    Alternatively, if the bolt is not entirely rounded and there is still some areas to 'catch' you can use a impact driver.
  8. How about a metwrench socket / spanner

    They drive on the flats of the hex not the corners

    I have an odd selection to cope with common sizes

    10 12 13 16 covers about most

    Good luck
  9. easy out

    Also spraying/soaking with penetreen may help.
  10. Be careful with the easyout because if you snap one off you got real problems
  11. x2.. :oops:

    Worst case, if there's enough room, weld another bolt or nut to the top of it so you've got something decent to get a grip on. :wink:
  12. well dont snap it then, there not exactly rocket science to use prorerly, only time i've seen them snap is by people taking shortcuts and not using them properly.

    Or not mechanicaly minded i guess
  13. If you can get to it easily enough file or grind a new hex on it then try a smaller spanner
  14. Just belt a smaller socket on with a hammer if there is room, otherwise anything said above is what i do
  15. Here are some things to try..
    1. Shout at it
    2. Spit on it.
    3. Stab it with a steak knife
    4. get a mechanic to do it.
  16. haha ill have a word with the bolt tmw and if it doesnt come out, im gonna smash it and then spit on it.

    my dad is gonna help me out as he is gonna drill it and use the easy out tool. just means i need to get another bolt but dont think they sell just one bolt.
  17. Yep. they will sell one bolt
  18. woohooo!! i got the stupid damn bolt out. i went to peter stevens in adelaide in my lunch break and they got it out. at first they were have difficulties so after 10mins of trying, they put my bike up on their stand. they got it out the weirdest way ever and i would never have thought of this....they use a socket used for nuts and bolts (if you know what i am talking about). they got one that was abit bigger and smacked it in with a hammer. after that, it turned out just fine.
  19. Another great trick is to weld either a larger nut or another bolt onto teh head of teh stuck one. Weld inside the nut, get it nice and hot, and let it sit for a bit, not only dues this give you a nice new head to turn, but teh heat usually loosens the bolt a little.

    Regards, Andrew.